Fresh and pickled cucumbers: useful and not so good

Many people believe that cucumbers are completely useless. But, however, fresh and pickled cucumbers are constantly present in our diet. In winter, pickles are a very good and beloved snack by many ; in the summer we make salads with fresh cucumbers almost every day . So, are cucumbers just food? Or, do they still have any useful properties? By the way, there are even people who claim that cucumbers are harmful, regardless of whether they are fresh or pickled. Let's see what qualities these vegetables conceal.

On hot summer days, a fresh cucumber perfectly quenches thirst, as it consists of 95% water. And the frequent use of cucumbers in food, contributes to the natural removal of sand and stones from the bladder and kidneys. Fresh cucumber before lunch or dinner will certainly raise your appetite. And in addition to good appetite, cucumbers contribute to a faster and more complete assimilation of food. They even say that cucumbers can prevent hair loss. True or false, it's hard to say. This is probably an exaggeration, but it is quite possible that this is true. As you can see, eating cucumbers is accompanied only by benefits and does no harm.

But these wonderful vegetables are not only eaten. The beneficial properties of cucumbers are very actively used by cosmetologists. Surely everyone knows how to relieve fatigue from the eyes with the help of a cucumber. It is enough to cut two slices, put them on your eyes and sit like this for about 10-20 minutes. Fatigue from the eyes immediately removes as a hand! Unhealthy redness will disappear. But, this is just the simplest example of the use of fresh cucumber in cosmetology. In fact, there are many recipes for face masks and not only based on cucumbers and their juice. Well, here is only good. And where is the harm? Can pickles conceal something insidious?

Let's see how pickles are useful . Not many people know that they contain a large number of easily digestible iodine compounds. And iodine, as you know, is simply necessary for a person, especially in the winter season. People who often eat pickles are much less likely to suffer from thyroid disease. Pickles contain lactic acid bacteria, which undoubtedly improve digestion. If you have high blood pressure, then these vegetables can help. You can still list a lot of useful properties, but it’s already clear that pickles, whose benefits are obvious, are simply required to be present on your table.

Well, now let's talk about the most important thing - what are the cucumbers harmful to. Only cucumbers grown in greenhouses, where they do not really care about their beneficial properties, can cause harm as such. Such vegetables are grown, not caring about quality, but thinking only about quantity. Therefore, you should be wary of such products. You may not feel anything after eating such cucumbers, but over time they will make themselves felt. If you suffer from any disease that restricts the intake of fluids, then of course you should not eat cucumbers in large quantities. But this is just a contraindication, not harm.

Summing up the whole article, we can say with confidence that cucumbers are useful. And it does not matter if they are salty or fresh. Only those cucumbers that were grown using harmful substances such as, for example, sodium nitrates are harmful . In certain diseases, doctors may limit the amount of cucumbers that are eaten. But with the same success, you can limit the use of any other product. So, do not listen to misconceptions about the dangers of these wonderful vegetables. If doctors do not limit you to anything, then safely eat them, but, of course, in moderation.


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