Battlefield V will be shown next week.

Not so long ago, quite unexpected news was published on Geektimes about the start of STALKER 2 development. Moreover, during the implementation of the project a large amount of content and ideas was simply lost.

Now it is not clear exactly when the game will be released, and what it will represent. Information is not yet provided by developers who clearly want to remind themselves to fans of the previous part on the HYIP wave. Well, just to not forget who's boss. Whatever it was, but recently, other developers have announced the continuation of another game - Battlefield.

We are already talking about the fifth part of the multiplayer shooter, who conquered the minds and hearts of many gamers. Earlier, by the way, there were a lot of rumors about what exactly would be the continuation of the game. Will it be Bad Company - a new part of the line, or disassembly between the military in the second world war.

In principle, one can no longer guess, since the outcome is not long to wait - on May 23 the game developers are going to talk more about it. Developing a new version of the studio DICE - soon they are going to tell about what will be the game, the modes in it and everything else. In addition, the same team will respond to the assumptions that fans of the series expressed in forums and all sorts of services.

The presentation of the new part of the game will be transmitted wherever possible, including streaming on YouTube, Twitch and some other channels. The main thing is that all this is not fiction, the game really should (relatively soon) appear on the shelves of the relevant stores and on the virtual shelves.

At the moment, the game itself is known to be very colorful (in fact, all the previous parts were colorful), and it is clear that it will immerse the player in the war and its consequences. Now the developers promise fans of the series the pleasure of multiplayer battles, which can cover several cards and even modes.

The scene is still unknown, but the developers reported that it will be different from what the players saw of the very first part of Battlefield - the field of the First World War. The new part will continue the story of Battlefield 1, which took place during the First World War. According to rumors, the plot time - World War II. Earlier, Electronic Arts, the publisher of the title, confirmed the single-player campaign for the game. And also - in the game it will be possible to see not only the main character, but also the developers from the company DICE.

There will be changes in Battlefield V, but seemingly not radical - the developers offer a number of important points. In addition to single-user mode will be multiplayer. And naturally, Easter eggs will appear in the game - this is without a doubt.

It is a pity that while the information about the game is minimum - you have to wait for details from the developers. Only a week remained before the massive official announcement with the disruption of covers.


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