Internet of Things: 5 New Products You Need to Know About

Spring was quite interesting in terms of news from the world of the Internet of Things (Internet of Things, IoT). It-companies worked on one of the main problems of IoT - security, on cars driven by intelligent assistants, and they did other cool things that are designed to make our lives more pleasant and comfortable.

Herbot, the robot gardener for the winter garden

And now less epochal, but no less pleasant news. The Internet of Things is primarily intended to raise the standard of living. Herbot , artificial intelligence for the winter garden from the company Farm 4.0, copes well with this task. With it, everyone, regardless of the presence of the dacha past, will be able to grow cucumbers with tomatoes or flowers at home.

Herbot is a transparent box-greenhouse with monitoring of the state of plants, soil and air, an automatic irrigation system, fertilization and regulation of soil acidity, as well as full-spectrum illumination, replacing the sun. When developing its creators consulted with experts in agriculture.

All Herbot’s owner needs to do is plant the seeds, pour water, add nutrient mixtures and choose one of the growing algorithms that have been tested with farm 4.0. You can experiment by making your own algorithms.

The device is controlled from the phone using the Herbot App. At Kickstarter, the project raised almost 44 thousand dollars. Campaign is already closed, but you can pre-order.

Riva Audio Multiroom Speakers

Another novelty that can beautify the life of a music lover and not only is the speakers from Riva Audio - the full-range Festival and the more modest Arena (by the way, it costs half the price).

Typically, the sound of wireless speakers, to put it mildly, the quality is not different. Riva Audio, the founder and creative director of which is the well-known music producer Ricky Farr, has set herself the task of connecting professional clear sound, the convenience of wireless devices and their affordable price. Arena and Festival support high-res music playback up to 24 bit / 192 kHz.

Speakers can broadcast music from any streaming service or from a phone directly to the speakers. They are managed by their own applications for Android and iOS, as well as Google Home. You can listen to music anywhere: on the beach or in the country, while wi-fi is not necessary, and a powerful battery provides 20 hours of work (for Arena).

An interesting bonus is that the devices of the series are combined into a multi-room system, and different zones can be controlled separately if desired. For example, in the bedroom there will be something relaxing, in the bathroom - an aria, and on the lawn in front of the house where guests relax - dance music. The system supports voice commands Siri.

Azure Sphere, a platform for secure IoT gadgets

The Internet of Things suffers from one big problem - vulnerability. Tiny chips, microcontrollers (MCUs), which are the “brains” of many smart devices used at home and in business, can be easily cracked. Given their immense prevalence - according to some data, 9 billion IoT gadgets are created annually - they are a tasty morsel for the criminal world.

Microsoft has introduced a platform for creating microcontrollers with a higher degree of protection - Azure Sphere. Service solves the problem of security with the help of three components. First, Microsoft manufactures its certified new-class microcontrollers with built-in protection.

Secondly, Linux-based Azure Sphere operating system was developed, which provides a much higher level of security than that found in most MCUs.

And third, all this is complemented by the Azure Sphere Security Service cloud service. It monitors the operation of all devices running on Azure Sphere microcontrollers using the authentication of their certificates.

Defender of smart homes Akita

Continuing the theme, we mention another sensational product that solves the problem of security. This time, not for manufacturers, but for ordinary owners of “smart houses” and other IoT gadgets. HighIoT has developed the Akita device, which is designed to protect users' personal data.

His work is based on behavioral analysis and machine learning, the solution uses DPI to maintain user privacy. Akita connects to the LAN port of the home Wi-Fi router and scans the wireless network for threats, shutting down the IoT device immediately after detecting unusual activity.

With this idea, HighIoT raised $ 939,000 to Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and then proceeded to manufacture the device. In April, the gadget began to be distributed by the first of 12 thousand people who supported the crowdfunding campaign.

Toyota and Alexa cars

Toyota has announced that it will provide support for Amazon Alexa in its vehicles. There are many ways to install a voice assistant on the dashboard as an extra feature, but Toyota is the first automaker to integrate the intelligent assistant into a car control system.

The driver can, without being distracted from the driving process, ask Alexa to turn on the news or switch a song, draw up a to-do list, change the temperature on the air conditioner in the house, open the garage door and much more.

First, some models of Toyota and Lexus cars will make friends with Alexa in 2018. Especially for them will release packages Toyota Entune 3.0 App Suite and Lexus Enform App Suite 2.0. In 2019, the list of models supporting the intelligent assistant will expand.


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