Monthly Weight Loss Program

In just a week you can lose up to 3 kilograms, and in a month - 10. And this is a very real figure. There is nothing wrong with the desire to lose weight and create a figure of your dreams. However, action should be taken within reason. Many representatives of the fairer sex resort to starvation diets. And this is a violation of all nutritional rules. In addition, such events can greatly harm your health. The program of nutrition and training for weight loss will allow you to remove extra pounds and improve your health. diet program for weight loss

Basic rule

Over the years, nutritionists have been creating all kinds of diets to help those who are obese. At the same time, the unknown properties of the products that we eat almost daily are revealed. They allow you to burn unnecessary calories. However, there is a basic principle of healthy eating and diets. If desired, you can achieve almost any planned mark on the scales. But you need to do this only by increasing daily physical activity and getting rid of bad habits. Only in this case will the nutrition program for weight loss for a month help you.

Step one: getting rid of bad habits

A similar weight loss program for women and men is suitable. However, many fail to get rid of unnecessary kilograms within a month. This happens as a result of the fact that a person is simply unable to get rid of some habits. These include:

  1. Inadequate fluid intake. During the day, a person should drink up to 2 liters of water. This is a basic rule. And first of all, it refers to those who are struggling with excess weight. Without the right amount of fluid, losing weight is very difficult. After all, it is water that helps the body get rid of the fat that has accumulated in our body. Therefore, it is worth making a good habit - to drink at least a glass of slightly warm water before each meal.
  2. Late dinners. A proper diet for weight loss eliminates the use of food after 18.00. Of course, many may argue that after the indicated time they do not sit at the table. But there are still snacks. This cannot be done. But what to do if I really wanted to eat. In such a situation, it is better to drink a glass of low-fat kefir or green tea, but without sugar. In addition, nutritionists recommend eating one vegetable.
  3. The wrong combination of products. A diet program for weight loss is not only a properly composed menu. This is creating a balanced diet. In this case, several basic rules should be remembered. First of all, you can not combine fats with carbohydrates. Therefore, potatoes with meat will have to be abandoned.
  4. Lack of normal rest. Scientists have proved that in the period from 21.00 to 2.00 in the human body during sleep, somatotropic hormone is produced. This substance is actively involved in the breakdown of fats. For this reason, during sleep, a person does not have a feeling of hunger. If you have to go to bed late, then in the end the body loses this hormone. weight loss program for women

Diet basis

The diet program for weight loss is based on certain rules. And most importantly - this is a balanced diet, consisting only of those products that will be useful to a person struggling with excess weight. This list includes:

  1. Cooked or fresh vegetables. The exception in this case is potatoes.
  2. Freshly squeezed juices and fruits. However, you should abandon the grapes and bananas.
  3. Boiled chicken eggs.
  4. Cheese, cottage cheese and kefir. Preferably not very fatty.
  5. All kinds of cereals.
  6. Whole wheat bread.

What should be discarded

In order for the weight loss program to work, you should abandon a certain number of products. This list includes:

  1. Any fat, including lard and butter.
  2. Alcohol.
  3. Salt.
  4. Smoked as well as fried foods such as fish, chicken and meat.
  5. A variety of sweets and sugar.
  6. Mustard, ketchup and spices, especially hot. diet program for weight loss

We move more

What else is needed to start working on a diet program for weight loss? In the gym, you should seek help from a good instructor. He will be able to compose a set of exercises that will increase the load on problem areas. This will be a good addition to a balanced diet.

Of course, not everyone can quickly enroll in a fitness club and spend several hours a week. But you can refuse the elevator. In addition, several stops to work can be walked. In addition, it is worth doing exercises in the morning, and in the evening - jumping rope. Such events will allow you to get rid of 600 kilocalories daily.

Sample menu

In order for the diet program for weight loss to give a positive result, you need to make an approximate diet and adhere to it throughout the month. Here is a sample menu.


  1. Breakfast: a salad of apples, kiwi, oranges, low-fat kefir or yogurt, as well as with the addition of whole cereal flakes.
  2. Second breakfast: two diet bread, green tea, 25 grams of hard cheese or feta cheese.
  3. Lunch: vegetable soup or with cabbage. Do not add potatoes and fat to it.
  4. Snack: apple, kefir.
  5. Dinner: boiled chicken fillet - 150 grams, a salad of greens and vegetables with olive oil. diet and exercise program for weight loss


  1. Breakfast: 150 grams of cottage cheese and 100 ml of kefir.
  2. Lunch: ½ grapefruit or apple.
  3. Lunch: vegetable soup, 150 grams of pea puree without oil.
  4. Snack: a glass of kefir.
  5. Dinner: green salad, vegetables, 200 grams of baked fish.


  1. Breakfast: 3 tbsp. l a mixture of cereal flakes, 200 ml of milk and an apple.
  2. Second breakfast: ginger tea, 2 breads, 20 grams of cheese.
  3. Lunch: pea soup, two eggs.
  4. Snack: a glass of kefir.
  5. Dinner: 150 grams of cottage cheese, ½ cup of kefir and ½ grapefruit.


  1. Breakfast: 2 eggs, vegetable salad.
  2. Second breakfast: pomegranate juice without sugar - 60 ml, 2 bread.
  3. Lunch: bean soup, vegetable salad.
  4. Snack: a glass of kefir and an apple.
  5. Dinner: 150 grams of chicken, cauliflower, slightly boiled. weight loss program in the gym


  1. Breakfast: granola with almond crumbs, flax seeds and sesame seeds, an apple, a glass of kefir.
  2. Second breakfast: tea from ginger and lemon, 25 grams of cheese or feta cheese.
  3. Lunch: vegetable and lentil soup.
  4. Snack: dried fruits, such as prunes, dried apricots or raisins. All at 30 grams.
  5. Dinner: 200 grams of fish baked in the oven, vegetable salad with celery root and kefir.

Saturday and Sunday

  1. Breakfast, lunch and dinner: buckwheat porridge without oil and salt - up to 250 grams, a glass of kefir.
  2. Afternoon snack and lunch: two plums or one apple each.

On Sunday, you can repeat the diet of a single day. Of course, if it was painless for you. If not, you can take the menu of any day. In this way, you can eat throughout the month. monthly diet program


In fact, a weight loss nutrition program for women and men is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. However, those who want to lose weight quickly should not forget that any severe dietary restrictions and increased physical exertion can adversely affect health. Everything should be done gradually. Any diets are primarily contraindicated for those who have problems with the digestive tract. Such people need to carefully make changes to their diet.

A sharp increase in physical activity is dangerous for those who have diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as the musculoskeletal system. As for emergency weight loss, it is contraindicated in adolescents, lactating and pregnant women.


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