Useful properties, vitamins, calories. Carrots - the key to beauty and health

The key to our health, beauty and well-being is proper, balanced nutrition. Nutritionists assure the public that scientific and technological progress adversely affected health. This is confirmed by excess weight, fatigue, frequent colds. Poor nutrition leads to big health problems. What to do? Eat more vegetables and fruits, such as carrots.

Carrots contain a lot of carotene, therefore it is useful for both children and adults. Carrots should be eaten in any form: raw, stewed, boiled. The main thing is to add a little vegetable oil to the dish along with carrots for better assimilation of the product. Also, carrots contain many vitamins of groups B, D, C, E; mineral salts (potassium, sodium, chlorides, calcium, magnesium, phosphorites); sugars. Thanks to carrots, the digestion process is normalized, metabolism improves.

Grated carrots and carrot juice are especially useful. The calorie content of carrot juice is low (only 28 kcal per 100 g). Carrot juice can not only prevent, but also cure many diseases. With regular use of carrot juice, vision improves, the nervous system calms down, and blood vessels expand. If you suffer from polyarthritis, cardiovascular diseases, feel a breakdown, have immunodeficiency, then for you carrot juice is an indispensable source of health, vitality and energy. Also, juice is considered a natural solvent for ulcers, cancer. Resistance to various infections, especially those affecting the respiratory tract, throat, nose and ears, is noticeably improved. Girls who watch themselves and regularly visit the solarium know that after the session, experts advise drinking a glass of carrot juice in order to achieve a more lasting and quick tanning effect. Juice also acts on the skin after sunbathing. But, in the use of juice, there are certain limitations. If you drink too much juice, the skin color will turn yellow, so nutritionists say that a person needs to drink no more than 100 ml of juice per day for prevention. To facilitate the taste, you can add a little cream to the juice.

Many girls strictly monitor their figure and are afraid to get better, count calories. Carrots differ from other vegetables in low energy values. Do not worry about calorie content, carrots contain only 32 kcal per 100g. Carrots get calorie content due to the sugars and starch contained in it, but in 100 grams their value is negligible. Excess carrot, the calorie content of which is even less than that of a tangerine will not affect your waist in any way, on the contrary, it will help you lose weight. Therefore, be aware that carrots are your best friend in the fight for zero calorie content!

If you seriously decide to lose weight with carrots, we offer you several options for healthy dishes.

Salad of fresh carrots, cucumbers and apples. Grate all the ingredients, season with low-fat sour cream, lemon juice, mix. You can add celery, honey, herbs to the salad. We spread the resulting dish on lettuce leaves.

Carrot cocktail.   Pass 2 large carrots through a juicer, pour in a glass of tomato juice, add celery and beat until smooth. Optionally, add cinnamon.

There are certain diets in which you need to eat carrots for 3-4 days in combination with other vegetables. An effective carrot diet is not very good for health, because, as mentioned above, excessive consumption of this vegetable can lead to an unpleasant yellow skin tone. Unloading carrot days will be more effective and harmless no more than once a week.


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