Artesian waters. Healers from the depths of the earth

artesian waters
Artesian waters, which are now available for purchase at any store, have a number of useful properties and a special taste. Any other commercially available can be either spring water or simply purified tap water, and the latter does not at all have any taste, or, whatever, healing properties. Therefore, before choosing, carefully read the label, pay attention to where it was extracted and what mineral composition it has.

What is artesian water?

Groundwater sources are different, and such water has only its inherent properties. The spring water refers to non-pressure groundwater, its taste and mineralization directly depend on which rocks passed its filtration. Such, as a rule, have a pleasant taste, but low saturation with minerals. One of the biggest drawbacks of the spring ones is their possible contamination, both by substances of various (sometimes toxic) origin, and by bacteria. In contrast, artesian waters lie deep underground. Being

artesian water depth
trapped in rock and hard rocks, they have no contact with the environment, so the contamination of such waters is out of the question. Bacteria, acid rain, all kinds of toxins cannot penetrate the artesian source, so that it contains only dissolved minerals and salts. Due to these features, such sources are highly valued, and fluid from them is an important mineral. They began to be mined for the first time in France, in a place called Artois, hence the name. The depth of artesian water ranges from 100 to 500 meters, it lies between two water-resistant horizons, and has a head. During drilling, it rises above the roof and, if the pressure is high, sometimes gushes.

Composition and components

Artesian waters have a rich mineral composition, most of the elements of which are beneficial to human health. Each component has its own specific effect:

artesian water wells

  • bicarbonate refers to electrolytes and restores the normal pH of the blood, if not enough, the blood becomes acidic, which leads to chronic fatigue and reduces overall tone;
  • calcium, as you know, strengthens bones, helps muscle growth and improves the functioning of the nervous system;
  • silicon; with its lack in the body, the connective tissue suffers and the bones are deformed, in addition, it gives the water a pleasant, unique taste;
  • fluorine - a mineral that protects tooth enamel, in nature it is found only in artesian water;
  • potassium and sodium, maintain the body's mineral balance.

When artesian wells are drilled for water, all modern techniques are applied in order to preserve the pristine composition and prevent pollution. Only a small part of all healthy components is described. Doctors very often prescribe such a drink to people after poisoning or being overweight, as it dulls the feeling of hunger. In addition, if you regularly drink artesian water, you will never have to think about the necessary minerals and electrolytes. Your body will always be in good shape, alert and healthy.


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