We choose multivitamins: which are better

The indispensability for people of various vitamin compounds is beyond doubt. At the same time, disputes between fans of natural ways of supplying the body with vitamins and supporters of the consumption of pharmacological complexes do not subside for quite a long time. However, determining the need for such drugs and which ones are better than multivitamins is impossible without a clear understanding of the term “multivitamins” and the mechanism of their effect on the body.

what good multivitamins

The definition and composition of multivitamins

Multivitamins are considered medications that include more than two vitamins and are intended for a single dose. Most of these products consist of a basic set of vitamins necessary for a person mixed according to the daily recommended consumption standards.

Since the requirements for dosages vary depending on the gender and age of the consumer, a variety of drug options are available, the instructions for which contain recommendations which multivitamins are better for a particular group.

Forms of release of multivitamins

which multivitamins are better

The pharmaceutical industry presents seven options for the form of multivitamins.

  1. Tablets are considered the most economical variety and are suitable for consumption by most people. This form helps to achieve the maximum concentration of active ingredients in a minimum volume.
  2. Capsules have a smaller size and greater relative cost. Preferred by consumers with difficulty swallowing function.
  3. Powders require preparation and quick use due to the low stability of the components. They are characterized by high efficiency and low price.
  4. Liquid multivitamins belong to the most expensive price group, but, regardless of this, are selected due to the ease of use and the addition of certain flavoring components.
  5. Chewable tablets have pronounced additional tastes and a lower dosage of nutrients. It is this form of multivitamin that is most often used for the production of children's drugs.

There is no unequivocal opinion which multivitamins are better, since the choice of a particular form of release is often determined not only by practical but also by aesthetic considerations.

Multivitamin Specialization

The need for certain substances to enter the body and their optimal proportions vary with the age of the person and his physiological state. A variety of studies have shown that women need calciferols and folic acid, while men should avoid significant doses of iron.

which multivitamins are best for pregnant women

When choosing which multivitamins are best for pregnant women, special attention should be paid to the ratio of potassium and iodine, since their lack can provoke pathology in the fetus. There are options for multivitamins for vegetarians, designed to fill the shortage of substances contained in meat.

When choosing which multivitamins are better, it should be remembered that hypervitaminosis is no less dangerous condition than hypovitaminosis. Uncontrolled medication can provoke negative effects no matter what good multivitamins have been used.

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