What is the use of skim cheese

Some people mistakenly believe that cheeses are non-nutritive and low-fat foods. Know that even the most low-fat cheese contains fats, the difference is only in their quantity. Today we will tell you which cheeses are light and dietary.

People who follow their figure, with all the responsibility, approach the choice of food, whether cheese or some other product. In fact, this is the right direction to reduce weight and maintain their own health.

The average fat content of cheese is about 60% in dry matter. This is a fairly high figure, so go around such dairy products. It is better to stay at 30% fat, such cheeses are freely sold in any supermarket. It is about them that we will be talking.

Fat-free cheese "Tofu" fat content from 1.5 to 4%

This sour-milk product belongs to cottage cheese. It is made from soy milk and tastes like low-fat cheese. This is a healthy product from a medical point of view: it is rich in calcium and protein. Tofu is recommended for the prevention of osteoporosis. It also helps lower cholesterol and prevents the development of cardiovascular disease.

In addition to the healing properties, tofu is a low-calorie product (90 kcal) and can be used as a separate dish or as part of another in diet food. Most nutritionists recommend including plant-based foods, including cheeses, in their diet. they have a lot of nutrients and low fat.

Low-fat or low-fat Gaudette cheese (7%)

Semi-hard cheese, with a very piquant taste, somewhat reminiscent of "Gouda". Light and tasty sour-milk treat is perfectly absorbed and digested by the body. The lack of excessive fat and affordable price make it a favorite product of most people.

Fat-free cheese "Feta" or feta cheese (5-15%)

Not everyone knows that feta is produced in a light version, but this kind of cheese is very difficult to find on Russian shelves. Usually in our hypermarkets only fatty varieties with a calorie content of 260 kcal are on sale. However, if you manage to buy a light version of this product, you will not be disappointed. Light feta is made from goat's milk, so the cheese is low in fat. Traditional feta is, in principle, suitable as a diet, if not consumed with fatty foods.

Brynza also refers to low-fat varieties of cheese. It is very popular all over the world. Various salads and even desserts are prepared from feta cheese.

Goat White Skim Cheese

Soft, unsalted, non-greasy, with a pleasant aroma and unique taste. Although goat cheese has lost some popularity due to its high price and specific taste, it nevertheless contains several times more magnesium, zinc, protein, calcium and beta carotene than in ordinary cream cheese. It also has little salt and harmful fats, it does not cause allergic reactions and is suitable for baby food.

Fat-free Chechil cheese (up to 10% fat)

Very reminiscent of sour-milk and brine varieties of cheese in its fibrous consistency. It is made from skim milk using a very original technology. It consists of 3-8 g of salt, 5-10% fat and 60% moisture. Chechil's taste is slightly acidic, slightly resembling serum.

Fat-free Ricotta cheese (13% fat)

This dairy product is very popular in Italy. This is a low-calorie cheese, with an impressive composition of useful micro and macro elements. This is not even a cheese product, because it is prepared from whey remaining after the preparation of the remaining cheeses. And thanks to the content of methionine (sulfur-containing amino acid) in it, our liver will be provided with protection.

Here are just a small fraction of low-fat cheese varieties that will undoubtedly bring only benefits to our body. Now you know that absolutely skim milk products simply do not exist - the myth is dispelled. Be healthy and follow the measure in everything!

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