B7 (vitamin): useful properties, which contain and features of application

Each person needs a variety of vitamins. The body needs these components to ensure the normal functioning of all organs. The use of B7 is important. Vitamin affects the condition of the skin, hair, nails. The component is preserved during heat treatment, which makes it especially valuable.

Vitamin B7 is called biotin, vitamin H, coenzyme R. The component is water-soluble, it is destroyed at high temperatures. Exists in products and pharmacy products. Its use is important for every person, it is only necessary to observe the norms depending on age.

Beneficial features

B7 is involved in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and the activation of vitamin C. Vitamin is in enzyme complexes, carries carbon dioxide through the circulatory system. This substance is especially useful for diabetes: blood sugar is restored with insulin.

b7 vitamin

Component properties include:

  • participation in the activity of the thyroid gland;
  • interaction with insulin, restoration of blood sugar;
  • activation of ascorbic acid;
  • gluconeogenesis control;
  • red blood cell synthesis;
  • DNA formation;
  • hemoglobin synthesis.

B7 is also necessary for hair. Vitamin slows down the aging of the body, protects the skin from irritation, muscles - from pain, and hair - from gray hair. Nails become stronger. Therefore, vitamin B7 is so important. What products does it have? We will dwell on this in more detail.


Vitamin B7 is common in nature. What products does it contain? It is abundant in beans, wheat flour, rice bran, fruits and vegetables. Foods such as melon, mushrooms, strawberries are rich in matter.

vitamin b7 in what foods

Vitamin B7 is in the following substances:

  • beef and pork liver;
  • Chicken meat
  • dairy products;
  • egg yolk;
  • sea ​​fish.

Many dairy products include bifid supplements. They contain more vitamin B7 than in unenriched ones. It is useful for intestinal microflora.

Vitamin Preservation

To preserve this useful component in products, you must follow a few rules:

  • fruits and vegetables should be frozen, not canned;
  • before use, foods should be washed, and soaking is the cause of a decrease in the amount of substance;
  • if fruits and vegetables have been in the refrigerator for a long period, there will be little vitamin in them;
  • for cooking, it is advisable to choose enameled dishes;
  • vegetables should be boiled in a peel with a closed lid and over low heat;
  • the component disappears when frying, so the products need to be cooked or baked.

Pharmacy products

It is advisable to use vitamin B7 in the form of natural products. Where else is it contained, in addition to the above? Does the pharmaceutical industry produce artificial analogues?

Vitamin B7 is available in tablets sold in pharmacies. You can find multivitamin preparations. They should be taken strictly according to the instructions. Vitamin B7 in ampoules is also available in pharmacies. To fill his shortage, doctors prescribe the Biotin Complex, manufactured by the Artlife factory. In this tool there are not only B7, but also polyphenols, flavonoids. The drug is taken 2 tablets per day with meals.

vitamin b7 tablets

You can choose other means, which includes B7. Vitamin is in the drug "Volvit", made in India. One tablet will be enough to fill the lack of this substance. Other sources of the necessary component include Medobiotin, Biotin Forte Germany and Biotin Germany Ratiopharm.

The drug "Biotin" is available in capsules, tablets, solutions for injection. If you use the first two forms, then the medicine is taken every day before meals. Usually about 5 mg is required. With serious deviations, an increase in dose is necessary. The course of additional admission is no more than a month.

Injections are used in cases where there are problems with the intestines. The drug is administered intramuscularly every day. One ampoule per day is needed. For external use, its contents are rubbed into the skin, which should be massaged for about 3-4 minutes. The liquid substance eliminates inflammation and rashes on the skin. With prolonged use it has a lifting effect.

Before using any tool, you need to read the instructions. The dosage, the necessary time for taking the medicine, and storage rules are indicated there. It will not be superfluous to consult with a doctor who will prescribe a suitable remedy.


Drugs differ in cost. In pharmacies you can buy "Biotin-complex", in which there is B7 (vitamin). The price of such a tool is about 220-270 rubles for 30 tablets. In Moscow, the product is sold for 230 rubles.

b7 vitamin Price

The cost depends on the number of tablets or milligrams. Vitamin B7 is sold in ampoules individually. You can buy them through the online store.

Daily rate

The required amount of this substance depends on age:

  • children need to use B7 in an amount of 10-50 mcg / day;
  • for adolescents, the norm is 50-100 mcg / day;
  • adults require 100-200 mcg / day;
  • for pregnant and lactating women - 250-300 mcg / day;
  • Athletes should consume up to 650 mcg of the substance;
  • the norm should be increased for alcohol addicts and people with burns.

Vitamin deficiency

Such a phenomenon as hypovitaminosis is quite rare. The body described component is needed in small quantities, and it is found in many products. But still, shortages arise. This is due to the following reasons:

  • improper diet: the component may be poorly digested due to questionable diets;
  • the use of raw egg whites, intravenous nutrition;
  • death of the intestinal flora due to prolonged use of antibiotics;
  • violation of the intestines;
  • hemodialysis or lack of digestive enzymes.


Alcoholism and a genetic predisposition can adversely affect the absorption of the vitamin. With a lack of this component, the following symptoms appear:

  • the hair becomes dull and falls out;
  • brittleness and exfoliation appear in the nails;
  • there is an excess of sebum, clogging of pores occurs, the skin peels;
  • a person feels tired, poor appetite, nausea, muscle pain;
  • inflammation appears on the tongue.

Vitamin B7 Ampoules

The effects of hypovitaminosis are unpleasant. Dermatitis develops - lesions of the skin of the hands, legs, cheeks. In the future, various diseases can develop: from seborrhea to depression.


Hypervitaminosis is not manifested by toxic signs. This is rare, since the vitamin is perfectly absorbed and also excreted from the body. And yet, with hypervitaminosis, such ailments as dermatitis and dysbiosis appear. To prevent this, before using the vitamin, you need to read the instructions.


It neutralizes the effect of vitamin Avidin, which is present in raw egg white, so it is forbidden to eat raw eggs. After heat treatment, the product is safe and does not interfere with the absorption of the component.

The following are considered harmful for combination:

  • alcohol;
  • antibiotics
  • heat treated fats.

where vitamin b7 is contained

Vitamin is needed for various processes in the body. Hypovitaminosis is rare, but it does happen. Then you need to use pure biotin, a complex of vitamins and minerals. B7 is also necessary for hair. To stimulate their growth, the contents of the ampoules are added to the shampoo.

For athletes

Vitamin B7 is important for athletes. It is needed for the production of amines and for obtaining from various sources of energy, through which the metabolism of amino acids is performed. It should be borne in mind that the proteins of raw eggs, especially if they are consumed in large quantities, neutralize the effect of the vitamin. If you drink a lot of eggs, then growth slows down. Vitamin B7 is necessary for every person, but in moderation.

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