Diet for breastfeeding is the key to the well-being of the baby!

The appearance of the baby and fatigue after an exhausting birth process knocks the newly-born mother out of her usual way of life. She simply does not have time to take a moment, and she only has half an hour to eat and sometimes less. Women who have become mothers for the first time suffer especially from this. Often they completely forget that it is strictly forbidden to use certain products during breastfeeding. Many of them are happy to absorb the fruits and sweets handed over by their relatives, however, as a result of such “gifts”, the digestive problems begin in the kids.

Attention! Breastfeeding should be special!

The calm and well-being of the baby, as well as the amount of milk produced by the woman’s body, depend on proper nutrition. A young mother must be aware of what a breastfeeding diet is. There are several basic principles of nutrition for a nursing woman:

  • frequency and moderation;
  • balance and usefulness of dishes;
  • hypoallergenic food;
  • high fluid content.

The first thing that needs to be learned by a young mother is that from now on she is obliged to reckon with her taste preferences also with the interests of the baby. Diet for breastfeeding completely eliminates:

  • cucumbers, grapes, radishes and other vegetables with a clear laxative effect;
  • condensed milk, cream, processed cheeses and other high-fat products;
  • legumes, fresh cabbage, too many apples and other foods that cause increased gas formation;
  • citrus fruits, seafood, nuts, chocolate and other allergens.

The breastfeeding diet should be composed of:

  • cereal and dairy products (mainly cottage cheese, kefir, low-fat yogurt);
  • boiled meat, and if the mother does not have allergies, fish;
  • a limited number of eggs, apples, bread;
  • tea, compotes, jelly;
  • boiled vegetables;
  • a small amount of offal (mainly beef liver).

So, the nutrition during breastfeeding should be strictly verified and considered. Only with strict adherence to the recommendations of the doctors, the mother and the child will remain healthy and happy throughout the entire period of feeding.

Diet for breastfeeding will preserve the beauty

For many women, during this difficult period for the body, hair begins to fall out, bones become brittle, teeth become damaged. Almost half of nursing mothers have poor posture. However, such problems can be solved by including more broccoli, cottage cheese, milk, kefir and yogurt in the diet. An increased amount of calcium is found in hard cheese, but there is it constantly, nutritionists do not recommend because of the high calorie content. To satisfy the need for minerals only with the help of a diet will not work, therefore, complex preparations for lactating women should not be neglected.

Criminal error

Recently, there have been cases of causeless refusal of breastfeeding by a woman. Some of them argue that the use of artificial mixtures is even more beneficial for babies than breast milk. Pediatricians call such outrageous and erroneous statements criminal, because parents deprive their children of the most valuable immune substances, unique amino acids and fats. To date, there is no mixture that repeats breast milk in its composition. In addition, the child loses psychological contact with the mother, as a result of which negative consequences may appear. It should also debunk the myth that breast-feeding changes shape. Doctors have long established that all changes in a woman’s body occur during pregnancy, so a woman will breastfeed or not, does not really matter. By the way, breastfeeding has a beneficial effect on the mother’s body: the uterus shrinks, extra pounds go, the hormonal background is restored, maternal feelings for the baby wake up.


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