What foods are weakening: good to know everyone

If there is a problem with the chair, then you should first understand its causes, and not grab the first thing that comes to hand on the pharmacy counter or that is actively positioned in advertising as a laxative exclusively from natural ingredients. Constipation, alas, is not only for infants whose gastrointestinal tract has not yet been adapted, and not only for older people, whose digestive system can no longer cope independently with emerging problems. Delayed stools can occur even in a completely healthy person due to the stress, the use of unusual food during travel, insufficient fluid intake and even due to the elementary lack of a toilet when it is so necessary. A pregnant women in general constipation is very rarely bypassed.

Undoubtedly, laxatives can be found in the home medicine cabinet of each of us, and they have already proven their effectiveness in practice more than once. But still, let's remember the catch phrase that medicines treat one thing and cripple something else in our body. A doctor should prescribe such laxatives , but he will only do this when he sees a real need for it. Indeed, in case of digestive problems self-medication should not take place, and abuse of laxatives is all the more so. Unfortunately, many women who want to lose weight, use laxatives regularly and happily clean their stomach and intestines from all that is superfluous, and along with all the vital vitamins and minerals taken with food. Be aware that laxatives, as well as enemas, are addictive. Over time, your gastrointestinal tract will understand that you still clean it thoroughly and there is no need for him to try on his own. You simply can no longer go to the toilet without relaxing medications. But knowing which foods are weak will help you make very minor adjustments to your diet when you need it, and without any harm to the body.

So, the most famous laxative products are dried fruits. Eat what you prefer - dried apricots, prunes, raisins, figs. And it’s better to pour them with boiling water and then eat, washing down with the resulting broth. Such a drink based on dried apricots or prunes can really help infants in a difficult period (it is better to postpone an enema as a last resort).

Sour-milk products will also help to “relax” the stomach, and at the same time normalize digestion. But know that kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt, natural yogurt, acidophilic product, etc. - products with a laxative effect only when they are one-day. Already in a three-day “execution”, on the contrary, they lead to constipation. By the way, one of the most common causes of stool retention is dysbiosis, which is why it is recommended to use fermented milk products regularly - for prevention.

Any vegetable oils that we use every day as food are also included in the group they are talking about: “These are the foods that weaken!” But sunflower, and olive, and corn, and other oil will only have an effect if they are used in pure form (for example, on a spoon on an empty stomach) or as a salad dressing, but in no case heat the oil - it will bring harm.

In general, the opinions of nutritionists and other doctors agree on one thing - whoever eats enough vegetables is not afraid of constipation, as well as many other problems, ranging from vitamin deficiency to metabolic disorders (if it is not caused by hormonal disruptions, of course). When thinking about what foods are weakening, do not forget about beets and pumpkins, which are useful for the stomach both in boiled and raw form. It is recommended to use the “Broom” salad, consisting of fresh carrots, cabbage and celery, if necessary. You can fill it with vegetable oil and add a little salt (ideally for the period of constipation, try not to salt the food at all, or at least to add salt). The name of this dish is not taken from the ceiling - it perfectly “sweeps” everything that he no longer needs from the intestines.

But truly unexpected in our list of “What foods weaken” is chocolate. Who would have thought that this yummy contains substances that help relax the intestines and cleanse the body? Only in order to "cure" your digestion, get chocolate with the highest cocoa content, that is, the darkest and certainly not milk.

Easy digestion for you!

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