Diet for UC: basic principles, sample menu

A diet for UC (in the presence of ulcerative colitis) is needed in order to support the recovery processes of the mucous membrane within the large intestine, so the recommendations below will help to recover from the disease faster.

Nonspecific ulcerative colitis, the symptoms of which cause the development of characteristic ulcerations on the surface of the mucous organ, can cause serious complications, ranging from intestinal bleeding to narrowing of the lumen of the intestinal wall with the subsequent development of a disease such as colorectal cancer within the long-term progression period.

diet with a nyak during an exacerbation

The basic principles of nutrition

Diet for UC implies proper nutrition, taking into account the fact that almost every patient has a food allergy, which manifests itself in the form of hypersensitivity to the protein contained in milk. For these reasons, such nutrition excludes from the diet any dairy products except butter ghee.

Cooking in the process of following a diet with NNS is recommended on water or fish, as well as meat broth. With this pathology, the patient should eat four to six times a day. When it comes to the acute stage of the disease, it is necessary to increase the protein content in the diet, against the background of this seventy percent of the protein must be obtained from animal food.

diet with nyak in detail what

Decreased intestinal motility

It is imperative to include foods that can lower intestinal motility. Astringents and tannins contained in jelly and broth of berries such as blueberries, cornel, bird cherry, as well as pears and quinces are of great benefit. The patient's diet should have black and green tea, characterized by strong brewing, as well as cocoa prepared on water, soups with a mucous consistency and porridge, but not buckwheat, since it leads to increased peristalsis. Dishes should be served warm to the patient.

Sample menu

Diet for NAC offers food according to the following menu scheme:

  • For breakfast, they eat rice porridge with the addition of melted butter, steamed cutlets, tea.
  • For lunch, eat 40 grams of cooked meat with blueberry jelly.
  • At lunch, they eat potato soup with meatballs, along with a rice casserole with meat and stewed fruit made from dried fruits.
  • At tea, they drink tea, characterized by weak tea leaves with crackers.
  • For dinner, mashed potatoes with steamed fishcake are perfect. A cup of tea is also worth a drink.
  • At night they eat a baked apple.
  • During the day, consume 200 grams of bread from yesterday’s wheat baking.

Such a diet with NJC maximally spares the mucous membrane of the digestive system, but to make certain amendments to the diet is possible only with the permission of the doctor.

diet for remission nyak

How to eat in case of exacerbation

When the disease goes into the acute phase, for one day it is better to completely abandon any food. Then fractional nutrition is prescribed, that is, up to eight times a day. All food must be carefully chopped, it can only be taken in a warm form. A restriction is placed on the use of sugar and salt. Diet for UC with exacerbation is characterized by the following characteristics.

  • The diet should have an increased amount of protein, a large proportion of which is of animal origin. The patient must eat meat along with fish and eggs, and cottage cheese is allowed. Liquid dairy products are contraindicated, and fish and meat should be carefully chopped and non-greasy. Cooking such dishes should be steamed or by boiling.
  • The dosage of carbohydrates should be 250 grams daily, but fiber should be avoided. It is possible to eat semolina porridge. Of the drinks, it is advisable to use jelly, semisweet broths of wild rose and black currant. It will be useful to consume juice with pulp. Fruits with vegetables should be eaten in grated form. What else does the diet suggest for NJC during the exacerbation period?
  • Certain foods may gradually return to the diet when improvement is noticeable.
  • Vitamins also need to be included in the diet for this disease in an increased amount, although they are already contained in medications.
  • Against the background of an exacerbation of the disease, decoctions of pears and blueberries are useful.
  • It is necessary to exclude all fried from the diet, as well as fatty and salty. It is required to limit the use of spicy foods along with chocolate, legumes, mushrooms, fruits, vegetables and plums. Many patients most often do not tolerate dairy products, so it is advisable to exclude it from the diet.
  • It is recommended to eat lean meat (boiled or steamed) eggs with cereals, dry cookies are suitable. Walnuts should also be included in the diet.

It is not recommended to follow a strict diet for a long time, because it cannot restore the metabolism and strength impaired due to the disease. Dishes should be delicious and varied. A good sign is the return of appetite to the patient. In case of exacerbation, you must immediately contact the hospital.

What is the diet for NUC during remission?


The diet with this form of pathology at the stage of remission should be strict. Then it softens and, subject to complete recovery, it can no longer be followed. Against the background of an improvement in the condition, patients are advised to eat according to the following system (The diet for NJC in remission should be observed as strictly as with exacerbation.)

diet with nyak eating table 5
  • Take food at least four times a day. It is steamed or boiled (sometimes you can fry some dishes), food is served in a crushed form to the table.
  • For the preparation of cereals, you can use any cereals, with the exception of millet and pearl barley. Macaroni is included in the diet.
  • From dairy food, fresh cottage cheese is suitable along with non-sour cream, milk and cheese. The eggs are cooked soft-boiled or in the form of an omelet. The cream is added with unsalted butter.
  • As an appetizer, they offer low-fat ham along with doctor's sausage, jellied meat or fish, beef liver paste, soaked in herring.
  • Vegetables are served in boiled or stewed form. This is a potato in combination with boiled cauliflower with oil, early zucchini and pumpkin (fried), beets (subject to good tolerance). Fresh tomatoes and cucumbers are not excluded from the diet.
  • You can eat any fruit with berries, with the exception of plums, apricots and melons. Fresh stewed fruits along with jelly, mousses, rosehip broth are relevant.
  • Of the drinks in the diet offer tea.
  • You can add spices to the dishes (but only in a limited amount), we are talking about bay leaf, ground pepper, cinnamon, boiled onion.
  • Of the bakery products, yesterday’s bread is suitable in combination with inedible crackers and cookies.

Table number 5: nutrition features

Diet for NJC and table 5 is recommended for all patients. I must say that under the number "5" is hidden as many as fifteen different dietary options. For example, a diet for liver disease advises adhering to this form of nutrition, which allows glycogen to accumulate in the body, improving the separation of bile and normalizing the digestive system along with metabolism. Such a diet is also indicated for individuals in the postoperative periods.

diet with nyak in detail

As part of this table, food entering the body must be thermally, mechanically and chemically sparing. All first courses are recommended to be whipped with a blender, and as for meat, it is prepared only in the form of meatballs or meatballs. In addition, the food should not be very hot or too cold, and also contain oxalic acid along with essential oils, purines, cholesterol, and fat oxidation products.

Frying as a cooking method is completely eliminated. The same applies to foods rich in refractory fats. In general, you need to get 70 grams of fat of mainly plant origin per day. The body should receive 50 grams of carbohydrates and 100 grams of protein. Table No. 5 has an energy value of 2,500 to 2,800 calories.

We continue to consider in detail the diet for UC. Which products are allowed and which are banned?

Featured and Excluded Products

Soups are recommended to cook on water, adding vegetables, noodles or cereals. Meat, fish and mushroom broth are excluded. The menu of table No. 5 for every day, as a rule, provides for the consumption of boiled or steamed cutlets from lean meat or fish. Greasy food on the table is not the place. Dairy products should also contain a reduced percentage of fat content. Bread should be dried or yesterday. Fresh baking and pastries are not allowed. You can eat breadcrumbs, bread rolls, bagels, dry biscuits.

diet with nyak


Cereals fit any. Legumes are prohibited. You can also eat any vegetables, except for those rich in essential oils and acid (cabbage, eggplant, radish, radish, onion, garlic, sorrel). As part of the preparation of a sample menu for table No. 5, the consumption of non-acidic fruits with berries is allowed, but chocolate along with ice cream and confectionery should be excluded. It is allowed to drink juices along with compotes, fruit drinks, jelly, herbal and other weak tea. Rosehip infusion is especially useful. Quench your thirst with strong tea and coffee, or soda is not recommended. No place in the diet, of course, and alcohol.

Sample menu table number 5 for one day

Here is an example menu.

  • For breakfast, you can eat omelet with bread and cheese, drink tea.
  • Possible snack bananas.
  • For lunch, a serving of vegetable soup is desirable along with a veal cutlet with mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, apple juice.
  • For a snack, cottage cheese casserole with the addition of dried fruits and jelly is suitable.
  • For dinner, you should give preference to boiled rice and fish, vegetables stewed in sunflower oil and mineral water without gas.
  • Just before bedtime, you need to drink a glass of kefir.
    what kind of diet


Such a diet can be observed from a couple of weeks to several years, depending on the severity of the pathology. As soon as the exacerbation goes away and the state of the digestive organs stabilizes, it will be possible to start gradually incorporating the usual foods into the diet, but in the presence of chronic deviations table No. 5 can become life-long.

We examined in detail the diet for UC.


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