Dates for breastfeeding. Can dates for nursing mom?

It's no secret that various dried fruits are rich in substances that our body needs. In this article, we will consider whether dates are useful for breastfeeding or not. Indeed, in this period of a woman’s life, it is very important that her diet consist only of safe products, not only for her, but also for the child.

Acquaintance with dates

dates for breastfeeding

Dates grow in Saudi Arabia, Africa, Israel, Egypt, Mexico, Australia on tall palm trees with cirrus leaves. There are many varieties of dates. Usually amber-colored fruits with a red tint, but can be gray with a blue tint. The shape is round or oval. The taste of dates is sweet and pleasant. They may differ from each other in appearance, content of pulp and sugar. But the benefits will remain the same. This should be taken into account when choosing them on store shelves. At home, these fruits are considered a life elixir, desert bread, capable of prolonging youth and years of life. Dates are compared with cereals by their properties.

The use of the product in question will help a woman cope with postpartum depression. These fruits have the ability to satisfy hunger due to their protein and dietary fiber content. Five to six dates contain the daily norm of the substances necessary for your body.

These fruits are useful to people at any age. And young mothers just need to eat dates when breastfeeding. They are not only tasty, but also contribute to the production of milk. In the mammary glands, the flow of fluid increases, and also in the body the forces expended on childbirth are restored. These fruits have a rich composition of nutrients, which contributes to the proper development and growth of the baby.

Can dates for nursing mom?

How and when to take fruits? A woman is better to drink dates with milk when breastfeeding. This will restore the balance of substances in the body faster. The uterus returns to normal.

is it possible to date a nursing mother
From these fruits you can cook jelly, compote, granola, salad, pudding and various desserts. From dates, delicious piquant meat dishes are obtained. You can cook pilaf and stuff chicken. Dates go very well with fish and oil. The taste of ice cream will be irresistible if you add a few fruits to it.

A woman after childbirth, complicated by blood loss, is recommended to add dates for hepatitis B to the diet. They will help restore a weakened body due to the large amount of iron content.

The use of dates helps to cleanse the intestines and colonize it with beneficial bacteria, creating the right microflora. If you eat this product on an empty stomach, then you can get rid of parasites (worms).

Fruits have a beneficial effect on brain function, eliminate heartburn, restore the body after illness, and reduce the risk of cancer. Also, the use of dates is useful in case of impaired renal function and lung disease, as it well promotes the elimination of sputum.

After you have tasted the product in question, rinse your mouth with water. Sugar in fruits can contribute to tooth decay.

The composition of the fruits and their benefits to the body

Many experts recommend women with breastfeeding dates (and not only). Fruits have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Can lactating dates

The composition of dates contains a large amount of fructose, contains a complex of trace elements, vitamins and amino acids:

  • pectin - reduces the content of cholesterol in the blood and is involved in the metabolic processes of the body;
  • oxytocin - enhances lactation and contraction of the uterus;
  • calcium - forms and strengthens bones;
  • serotonin - a “hormone of joy and happiness”, will lighten you and your child’s mood, improve well-being;
  • melatonin - is able to remove the body from a depressive state (after childbirth this is important, therefore, the doctors answer in the affirmative to the question "is it possible to feed dates");
  • proteins - help strengthen immunity;
  • Vitamin A - will help develop the eye muscles of the child and maintain good vision for the mother;
  • B vitamins (B₁, B₂, B₆, B₉) - take part in cell renewal, contribute to the normal development of the baby’s nervous system, soothe a nursing woman;
  • Vitamin C - contributes to the body's resistance to infectious diseases, improves immunity and stabilizes the psyche;
  • folic acid - with its help, the immune and circulatory systems develop well;
  • vitamin PP (nicotinic acid) - contributes to the production of energy in the body;
  • Vitamin E - supports the protective function, it is considered a “female” component due to its ability to fight free radicals, making the skin young and beautiful;
  • potassium - helps to improve the nutrition of the heart muscle, it is very necessary for people suffering from hypertension;
  • fluorine - is involved in the formation of strong teeth in a child;
  • copper - normalizes blood composition;
  • phosphorus - a beneficial effect on muscle and mental activity;
  • selenium - not only strengthens, but also enhances the body's immunity, helps strengthen tooth enamel;
  • sodium - supports the normal functioning of muscles, regulates blood pressure;
  • magnesium - is involved in the work of the kidneys, muscles and many chemical and biological processes of the body;
  • iron - normalizes hemoglobin, normalizes the body with anemia.

The presence of manganese, cadmium, aluminum, cobalt, zinc, boron and sulfur in the dates also indicates the healing properties of this fruit. With their help, the body becomes sturdier, stronger.

dates when feeding

Dates not only enhance lactation, but also saturate the body of mom and baby with the necessary useful substances. Now you yourself can answer the question "is it possible for a nursing mother to have dates or not?"

How to dry dates at home

Arrange fresh fruits in an open area under direct sunlight. Periodically, they must be turned over. Thus, a product is obtained that retains its useful properties as much as possible.

Before eating, be sure to rinse with boiled water. Do not dry dates in ovens and ovens, do not fill in with syrup, as nutrients are lost.

Date Storage

If you have prepared a lot of the product in question, you need to know how to save it.

dates for a nursing mother
Keep dates at room temperature in a tightly closed container. They are placed in the refrigerator when it is necessary to preserve the fruits for a long time, for example, a year. But it is better to harvest dates in such quantities that they are spent in a few months. Storage in the freezer extends the shelf life of dates to five years.

You can make pasta from the fruit. To do this, peel the dates, beat with a blender until smooth, put in a plastic container, tightly close and store it in the cold (up to two weeks). Do not place the product in plastic bags.


Before using dates when breastfeeding, consult with a specialist. The product in question contains a lot of protein, so there are a number of diseases in which the use of this fruit is unsafe.

dates with Guards
With caution, you can include dates in the menu for people suffering from allergic reactions and with impairments:

  • liver function (hepatitis);
  • gastrointestinal tract (colitis, stomach ulcer, gastritis);
  • pancreatic function (pancreatitis, diabetes mellitus).

How to choose the fruits

Dates do not lose their beneficial properties unlike other dried fruits. Therefore, they are so appreciated. When buying dried dates, carefully inspect their appearance. Some manufacturers or supermarket owners go to the trick by treating the fruits with sulfur dioxide. Do this to extend the shelf life. Such fruits retain their color and shape for a long time, but are not useful.

Dates may be shriveled, but not much. Better if they are shiny and smooth. In overdried dates, there is little use, almost none.

Fruits with seeds are much more useful than those that sell without them.

Do not take a spoiled product with traces of mold or sugar crystals, because such dates are dangerous for a nursing mother and baby.

Dried fruit will replace sweets

Due to the fact that the dates are low-calorie, they can be introduced into the diet instead of sweets. This applies to sweet tooth.

Dried dates
The fruits contain a large amount of fructose and glucose, but do not contain cholesterol at all. Dates are absorbed very quickly by the body. Satisfying the feeling of hunger, these fruits are able (without extra calories) not to put off fat under the skin. Thus, eating dates, a woman after childbirth will quickly bring her figure back to normal. And later, when the baby grows up, this product can replace him with sweets. After all, there is no secret that they are very harmful to the body.


The high vitamin content in dates will help you take care of your hair. They also need additional care after pregnancy and childbirth. With the help of ursolic acid, vitamins A and E, which are part of dates, your skin will become smooth, moisturized, firm and without inflammation. A good sleep for you and your baby is ensured by eating these fruits. It can be clearly said that dates are both food, and medicine, and a treat at the same time (at a relatively low cost).

Now you definitely know if dates can be for a nursing mother.


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