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A woman should take care of her health at any age. Everything is natural here: when a woman is worried about her condition, then she provides herself with a healthy future, if she is irresponsible, then the whole organism suffers, from the reproductive system to the state of hair and nails. Specialists recommend visiting a gynecologist at least 1 time per year for prevention, and if there is any disease or disturbing symptoms, then the number of visits increases by 2-6 times. Gynecologists Krasnodar can not only advise, but also to find an effective treatment.

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How to choose a competent specialist

When choosing a qualified gynecologist, you should pay attention to his recommendations and work experience. Competent specialists in the field of gynecology are those who have been working in this field for at least 15-20 years. Such doctors have faced various cases, they can easily determine the presence of infection and inflammatory foci, and also choose the treatment method. All items relate to doctors from both municipal hospitals and private clinics.

  • The main time for receiving a specialist should be at least 30 minutes. The first 10-15 minutes, the gynecologist interviews the patient, allowing her to tell in detail about all the symptoms. The rest of the time, Krasnodar gynecologists examine the mammary glands, palpate the ovaries and uterus, take a scraping and smears for analysis.
  • A competent gynecologist never is rude, does not cause pain or discomfort during the examination, and even more so does not rush a woman.
  • Detailed answers to all the questions and explains in accessible language all the symptoms and diseases.

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What problems does the gynecologist treat?

A gynecologist is a specialist who solves problems in the sexual sphere of a woman. The main areas of work of a specialist are consultation, diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Gynecology of Krasnodar offers a wide range of services for diseases and inflammatory processes of the pelvic organs, mammary glands and genitals. A doctor is consulted for STIs (sexually transmitted infections) - gonorrhea, candidiasis, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis. The specialist also helps to fight cystitis, menstrual cramps, uterine bleeding. Gynecologist helps you plan and monitor pregnancy, childbirth and takes advice in the postpartum period. Gynecologists Krasnodar different competence, responsible approach and extensive experience.

Clinic Christmas Krasnodar

The best gynecological clinics

1st place. Medical Center "URO-PRO" (Krasnodar, ul. Jana Poluyan, 51). The best gynecologists of Krasnodar work in this center. Highly qualified specialists have international qualifications and all relevant certificates. URO-PRO has its own laboratory, the clinic is equipped with the latest BTL medical equipment. In addition to gynecology, the center is aimed at research and treatment of diseases in the field of dermatovenereology and urogynecology.

2nd place. Clinic "Christmas" (Krasnodar, st. October 70th anniversary, 1/1). The clinic employs specialists from large cities of Russia, mainly from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Here you can carry out all the necessary laboratory tests in one place and in the shortest possible time. Clinic "Christmas" is cooperating with European companies, which supply high-quality equipment and medicines.

3rd place. Medical Center "Zdrava" (Krasnodar, Planovy Lane, 24). The center provides counseling, treatment, rehabilitation and accounting supervision. In addition to ultrasound and laboratory tests, Zdrava carries out surgical operations for diseases of the reproductive system and gynecology in general.

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The best specialists of the city

The best gynecologist in Krasnodar (by the number of reviews and attendance), which helps women with various pathologies, when planning pregnancy, various diseases and infections, as well as solves problems with inflammatory processes of the cervix and pelvic organs, works at the Aurora Clinic (ul. Kommunarov, house 237). In this center, highly qualified specialists of the 1st category, who are not just doctors, but candidates and doctors of medical sciences, are receiving. We can say with confidence: if you go to an appointment with this city clinic, then a professional gynecologist (Krasnodar) will welcome you here.

Reviews about doctors, it is desirable to study before the visit, if you need to find a better Reproduction city. The top 10 best clinics include the Regional Center for Family Health and Safety (63 Zakharova St.). There are 27 doctors, and each of them is an excellent specialist. These doctors are members of the St. Petersburg Medical Association.

Pediatric gynecologist - is it needed?

According to WHO (World Health Organization), screening for young children will help prevent the development of diseases during puberty. A pediatric gynecologist should be consulted for swelling of the labia and mammary glands, as well as with blood discharge in the period from 1 month of life to 10 years. A children's doctor will help advise girls on puberty, prescribe treatment for inflammatory processes and tell you how to overcome the maturation period (menstruation, hereditary infectious diseases, pain). Despite the negative reviews, a consultation with a pediatric gynecologist ensures a healthy life for future women and mothers.

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The best children's gynecologist in the city

A pediatric gynecologist of Krasnodar receives patients in the CityClinic clinic (37 Babushkina St.). Here, specialists have over 20 years of experience in the field of pediatrics. They help fight childhood and adolescent problems. Specialists are members of the Union of Gynecologists of St. Petersburg and represent the clinic in Krasnodar since 2011. Among all of the city physicians specialists CityClinic stand out for their competence and competent approach. They reveal the pathology of the reproductive system, tumors, cysts in the early stages. Identify and inflammatory processes, examine the little patients and their own conduct laboratory tests.

Why choose gynecology of Krasnodar

Krasnodar is one of the largest and most developed cities in Russia. Many medical centers are concentrated here, in which the best specialists from the CIS and Europe work. In the opinion of many highly qualified gynecologists work it is in Krasnodar. For example, the Clinic Rozhdestvenskaya (Krasnodar, 1/1 October 70th Anniversary Street) is proud of its obstetrician-gynecologists with international certificates, because they repeatedly attend congresses and scientific conferences.

To get advice or services, people from all over Russia wait in long lines, book an appointment and stay in the city to pass all the necessary tests under the supervision of a doctor. Many clinics in Krasnodar have full-time reproductologists who help treat infertility with the latest technology.

best gynecologist of Krasnodar

Average prices for services

Gynecology of Krasnodar is distinguished by its affordable prices. For example, for an initial consultation a specialist takes an average of 500-800 rubles. One smear or scraping costs between 350-600 rubles, depending on the diagnosis and the nature of the infectious disease. Average prices for ultrasound - from 400 to 1500 rubles. Surgical intervention to terminate a pregnancy - at least 7,000 rubles, with medication - from 9,000 rubles. Procedures, injections or manipulations - within 400-1000 rubles.


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