Honey benefit and harm

You probably know such a tidbit as honey. By right, it is considered to be one of the oldest food products on the planet, since it exists as much as the bees themselves. Scientists believe that bees appeared several thousand years earlier than humans, so their product is older than all of humanity. In this regard, it is quite possible to say that honey, the benefits and harms of which have long been known, has been appreciated by people since ancient times. It was not only eaten, but also used as a medicine for various diseases. The whole secret of this product is in its composition. It contains approximately 80% of sugars, such as glucose and maltose, sucrose and levulosis. One fifth of honey is ordinary water, and two percent is represented by a set of various minerals. These substances are very valuable for our body.

Honey, the benefits and harms of which are in its composition, has incredible energy value. One kilogram of this product contains more than 3000 kilocalories. This reason makes many scientists call honey energy doping for the body. It is recommended for use by people who experience significant physical exertion, as well as with diseases during the recovery period. By nutritional value, honey, the benefits and harms of which are obvious, is equated to cheese. It is safe to say that almost the entire periodic table is concentrated in honey. This valuable product helps the human body absorb calcium and magnesium, helps to restore strength, normalizes sleep and strengthens the immune system.

The main benefit lies in the microelements and enzymes present in honey that a person needs to maintain tissues and organs. As part of this sweet treat, there is a lot of iodine, phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and other substances. Not so long ago, scientists found that in human blood and honey contains approximately the same number of trace elements. This product contains a huge amount of vitamins, such as B2 and B6, which are considered biogenic stimulants, and there are also organic acids - pantothenic and folic.

Honey, the benefits and harms of which are constantly being studied, also has a bactericidal effect, which has been confirmed by many studies. It is even considered a natural antibiotic. The ancient Greeks and Romans kept meat in honey so that it did not deteriorate. Honey is almost the only product in which mold does not form, any fungi die in it. There is a term - medical treatment, such procedures imply that an adult will consume 100-200 grams of honey daily, and a child no more than 30. Such treatment lasts two to three months.

Of course, not everyone understands that honey, the benefits and harms of which are discussed in detail in this article, should be consumed in its pure form or washed down with non-hot tea (can be mixed with warm water). But honey cannot be diluted with hot water, as this leads to the destruction of vitamins and beneficial substances contained in it. With its help, you can successfully treat cough and colds. With regular use, it is able to put in order the digestive system. Honey in honeycombs is very tasty, the benefits of which are just as great. It is considered an excellent antioxidant, an excellent tool in the fight against anemia, as well as diabetes as a sweetener. He is considered a natural antiseptic, so wounds with his help heal faster. Also, honey copes with such a common childhood problem as stomatitis. You can try its action on yourself if such a need arises.

Recently, honey has become a very popular ingredient used to become more beautiful. Usually it is used by ladies for the so-called body wraps and massages, which allow you to lose weight and get rid of such annoying cellulite. Now, with the approaching summer season, this problem is becoming especially urgent for many. There are a huge number of special recipes for honey massages that will be appreciated by the girls.

But what barrel of honey can do without a fly in the ointment? In this case, we are talking about the harmful property of this product. Like any product, honey can be harmful. The harm of honey consists in the presence in it of glucose and fructose, that is, quick sugars. If you eat it excessively, it can cause the development of diabetes and obesity. After its use, it is necessary to rinse the oral cavity, since it is able to adhere to the enamel of the teeth, which sometimes leads to its destruction. Sometimes honey becomes the cause of allergies, this applies to people with hypersensitivity to it. It is also not recommended to eat large quantities of honey for those suffering from heart disease.

Do not stock up on honey for future use, you can only store it without losing value for a year, and then vitamins and sugars begin to break down, and there are much more acids. To get the most out of this product, keep this in mind. It is best to buy fresh honey, so you will provide yourself with useful substances.

Use it with the whole family and be healthy!

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