Double uterus: causes, symptoms and the possibility of conception

Double uterus is a rare abnormality that can provoke problems associated with conceiving and giving birth to children. With its identification, we can assume a significant decrease in the woman’s ability to bear a child, however, one cannot speak with confidence about this. After all, medicine knows cases where a girl quite safely bore and gave birth to a baby, despite the presence of two queens.


Double uterus in women is considered a pathology. But under certain conditions, this anomaly can be considered as the norm. For example, if a woman has no impaired reproductive system.

Even with two uterus, the body may not at all differ in activity from healthy genital organs. That is why such an anomaly is often detected quite late. The menstrual cycle in women with a double uterus is absolutely normal, there are no adverse signs, problems with conception, too.

What is a double uterus?

Oddly enough, but such a deviation is not always visible even on ultrasound. So we can say that two uterus is not in all cases a cause for concern.


Such an anomaly is usually associated with the period of intrauterine formation of the child. The influence of negative factors entails a condition in which two uterine cavities, which each girl initially has, are not combined into one organ. Among the conditions that provoke this phenomenon, several causes of the double uterus can be distinguished:

  • intoxication of the mother's body;
  • infectious pathologies of the reproductive system transferred during pregnancy;
  • severe stress;
  • problems in the work of the ovaries;
  • deviations in the activity of the thyroid gland;
  • uncontrolled use of potent medicines;
  • diabetes;
  • unhealthy diet.
Causes of the Double Uterus

All these factors can lead to abnormalities in the development of a future woman and the formation of two uterus instead of one full-fledged organ. By the way, the possibility of the presence of two vaginas is also possible.


Despite the fact that medicine has known cases of successful birth of children even in the presence of such an anomaly in the mother, this structural feature of the body cannot be called safe. Most often, a double uterus and pregnancy are incompatible concepts.

In the presence of such a pathology, infertility is often diagnosed. A woman with a double uterus may experience problems with conception, premature birth, abnormal bleeding, miscarriages, deviations in the menstrual cycle.

Possible effects of a double uterus

In some cases, serious therapy is required to eliminate the problem - not only physiotherapeutic procedures and medications, but also surgical intervention. Such an event is especially necessary if there is a threat of death of the child or mother during childbirth. Although it is best to treat before pregnancy.

Clinical picture

In fact, a double uterus may not manifest itself at all. Due to the fact that this disease is extremely rare, doctors may simply not detect it. But in some cases, certain symptoms of the double uterus are observed, which make it possible to suspect the presence of such a problem in a woman and conduct a thorough examination. The severity of these manifestations depends on the characteristics of each organism. Symptoms of a double uterus include:

  • feeling of fullness in the lower abdomen;
  • abnormal bleeding between menstruation;
  • difficulties with conceiving a child;
  • frequent miscarriages;
  • menstrual irregularities;
  • pain in the lower abdomen;
  • systematic occurrence of purulent or bloody discharge.
Symptoms of a double uterus


All of the symptoms described indicate a serious problem in the organs of the reproductive system. To identify two uterus, a detailed diagnosis should be made. The main methods are:

  • colposcopy;
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs;
  • MRI
  • laparoscopy;
  • retroabdominal examination;
  • hysteroscopy.
Diagnosis of a double uterus

Although in reality, an experienced gynecologist can detect pathology even with a simple examination.


The presence of a woman's double uterus does not mean that she needs to be treated. In some cases, this anomaly does not manifest itself and does not affect the activity of the reproductive organs, so there is simply no need for any intervention. It is not necessary to cut the second uterus, if there are no problems, on the contrary, they can occur after its removal.

But if a woman has difficulty conceiving, frequent miscarriages occur, deviations in the menstrual cycle are observed, treatment is necessary. As a rule, surgical intervention is used to solve this problem. During the procedure, one organ is formed from two uterus by excision of the uterine septum.

Double Uterus Treatment

If a woman with such an anomaly has only menstrual irregularities, hormone therapy may be quite effective.

Features of the course of pregnancy

The fear of many women with a diagnosis of double uterus, of course, is explainable. Most of them, unfortunately, are fruitless. But pathology itself does not exclude the possibility of pregnancy. But this anomaly is quite capable of provoking the appearance of all sorts of complications during the period of bearing a child.

Women with a double uterus may encounter such difficulties:

  • premature birth;
  • abnormal embryo placement;
  • miscarriage;
  • weak labor activity;
  • heavy bleeding after childbirth;
  • accumulation of postpartum secretions in the uterine cavity.

Usually only one of the two organs is able to endure a child. The second uterus is often rudimentary, that is, incapable of conception. Although it may begin to increase in size with the fertilized organ. Usually this amazing process stops at about 4-5 months of pregnancy.

Features of the course of pregnancy with a double uterus

If a woman has a miscarriage, it is necessary to scrap the cavity of both uterus.

It is extremely rare that gestation is observed in both organs. In such cases, labor usually occurs at different times. Having produced one child, a woman only after a while returns for a second baby who leaves the second organ.

The need for a double uterus abortion

In some cases, a child in one of the organs cannot be saved. In such a situation, forced abortion is necessary. Such an emergency measure is required if further gestation carries a threat to the life of the child or mother. An abortion is necessary if it is observed:

  • incorrect embryo implantation;
  • insufficient development of the endometrium or vascular wall of the uterus;
  • hormonal abnormalities;
  • the cervix does not block the exit from the organ;
  • the child develops in the inactive uterus (rudimentary).


Pregnancy in a woman with a double uterus is actually not as terrible a phenomenon as it might seem at first. You just need to remember that with such a disease you need to be as careful as possible about your own health and carefully monitor it.

Timely identification and appeal to a gynecologist can help with questions of successful treatment and, consequently, the conception of a child. If a double uterus is dangerous to life or health, it is necessary to carry out the operation before pregnancy. In this case, such a radical solution to the problem will help prevent the occurrence of many undesirable consequences.

If a woman does not plan to conceive a baby in the near future, she should definitely worry about a reliable method of contraception. Do not forget that forced abortion with a double uterus can entail all sorts of complications.

Such an anomaly is considered quite a serious and dangerous pathology, which requires maximum responsibility from the future mother. A pregnant woman should be constantly monitored by a gynecologist and carefully monitor her condition.

It is very important to follow all the instructions of the doctor. In addition, you should protect your health, avoiding tedious work, stress, the harmful effects of the environment - all these factors can negatively affect the situation. In addition, healthy nutrition, good rest and positive emotions are just as important. Any bad habits must be abandoned.

However, in some situations, the gynecologist may insist on getting rid of the child. This may be necessary in order to save a woman's life. So do not immediately abandon such an unpleasant event. After all, bearing a child in some circumstances can be extremely dangerous not only for the mother, but also for the baby.


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