The most healthy berries and fruits. Top 10 most healthy berries

Scientists all over the world agree that berries and fruits provide the body with invaluable assistance. But, to the surprise of many, it is very difficult to single out the most necessary of them. It is difficult to determine exactly which berries are the most beneficial for the body, because each of them contains different trace elements and vitamins. In addition, a lot depends on the person himself, because one may not have enough iron, so apples will be most relevant for him, and another needs to increase hemoglobin, so he needs to use pomegranates.

How is the rating compiled

Usually the rating of the most healthy berries depends on which country the research is conducted in. Scientists are always trying to highlight the fruit in which there are more trace elements and a wider radius of the therapeutic effect on the body. For example, British researchers claim that pomegranate is the most useful. In Taiwan, scientists prefer the "dragon fruit." In our country, usually the top of the most healthy berries and fruits is headed by an apple. That is why it is difficult to single out one of the most important fruits for health, but it is possible to choose the best ones.

An Apple

By tradition, the leading place deservedly goes to the apple. In England, it is customary to say: "If you eat an apple before bedtime, then the doctors will sit without work." And indeed, this fruit is a record holder for iron content, which is especially necessary for children and pregnant women.

most healthy berries

Apples also contain manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium, potassium, tannins and pectin, fiber. Therefore, they are able to improve digestion. But it is worth remembering that they enhance the production of gastric juice in order to avoid side problems, it is better to eat 20 minutes after their use. The flavonoids contained in this fruit reduce the risk of asthma and diabetes. Also vitamins E, C, A well affect the condition of the skin.

It is better to eat an apple with seeds, since they contain iodine (but not more than 5 seeds per day). This is especially necessary for girls. So they can maintain their female health.


Also in the lists of "most healthy berries and fruits" there is always pomegranate. His most famous action is to protect the heart. With regular use of this fetus, the likelihood of a heart attack is reduced. Hypertensive patients, using pomegranate seeds, can gently normalize blood pressure. As you know, with anemia , pomegranate juice is prescribed .

During inflammatory processes, it is useful to include this product in your diet. The anthocyanins contained in it contribute to a speedy recovery.

It is proved that these fruits are able to prevent the formation of cancerous tumors, as well as slow down their development.


Also in the list of "10 most healthy berries and fruits" is persimmon. Because of potassium, it is necessary for people who have a very weak cardiovascular system. Studies have shown that this fruit can replace heart drops. It can strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

most healthy berries and fruits

Persimmon beta-carotene works on your respiratory system and prevents bronchitis and pneumonia from developing. And magnesium helps unload the kidneys by eliminating sodium salts. That is why with problems with the bladder and kidneys, it is recommended to eat persimmon.

This fruit has an astringent and bactericidal property, so it can become the first assistant in the treatment of wounds and burns. A piece of peeled fruit must be applied to the affected area on the skin, and it will contribute to the speedy healing.


Also, the most healthy berries are grapes, although they are usually not included in the ratings. All due to the fact that they need to be consumed in small quantities, because they are high-calorie and retain water. Despite this, it contains manganese, iron, magnesium, copper, calcium, zinc and potassium. Also, its glucose and sucrose are very useful, they help to quickly restore strength during an ailment. In addition, grapes have a positive effect on the heart and improves metabolic processes. By consuming these berries, a person activates the intestines.

the most healthy berries for children

Grapes can improve blood composition, since it increases the number of red blood cells and increases hemoglobin. It strengthens the human immune system. The amino acids that it contains contribute to skin rejuvenation. The most positive is that grapes are no less useful in the form of raisins. This treat is necessary for diseases of the liver, kidneys and lungs.


The top "most healthy berries and fruits" includes oranges. The main advantage of this citrus is the content of folic acid in it. This component is important for women who are planning a conception or are already expecting a baby. But an orange is necessary for all people, because its vitamins actively support the immune system. Even in its composition there are components that lower cholesterol. They also affect digestion, contributing to better absorption of foods. In addition, orange is actively used as a cosmetic, toning the skin and helping to fight acne. But at the same time leaning on this fetus is not recommended, since excessive consumption can cause an allergic reaction.

By the way, grapefruit can take its place next to an orange, because its lycopene and flavonoids protect the body from cancer. Women are also particularly fond of it, since pectin helps fight aging skin.


The most useful summer berries for people aged are blueberries. Valuable in it are antioxidants. Every year, a person needs to consume blueberries more often, since it allows you to prevent age-related problems such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. But it will be relevant for people of any age, because it contains vitamins of groups B, C and A.

what are the most useful berries for the body


A banana has a lot of vitamin C, but, compared to other fruits, it does not have many trace elements. The main advantage of this fruit is potassium. Therefore, if a person has vascular problems or is ill with diabetes, he needs to eat this treat. Also, potassium gives the body strength and supplies energy. This trace element helps lower blood pressure. This fruit is rich in fiber, which is important for the good functioning of the intestines. It is worth noting that it is better not to consume unripe fruits, especially for pregnant women.


The richness of watermelon is that it contains trace elements such as iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, folic acid. And he is simply rich in B vitamins. In addition, he is a salvation on a hot day, because he can both drink and feed, and you can not be afraid for his figure. Also, after it, the intestines begin to work better. It can be consumed in large quantities, but in small portions. Just eat two pieces at a time.

the most useful berries for pregnant women

A competent approach helps to remove cholesterol from the body, sand from the kidneys, and also releases stagnant bile.

It is important to note that watermelons are the most useful berries for pregnant women. During the period of gestation, folic acid is necessary, because it helps in the formation of embryonic nerve cells and promotes the production of white blood cells. She also supports the immune system. Watermelon is a diuretic that relieves swelling. But it is important for women in a position to carefully choose this berry, because if you buy it in an unverified place, there is a risk of poisoning.


In the ranking of "most healthy berries and fruits," apricot is not the last place, because it is a real pantry of trace elements. It contains carotene, potassium, phosphorus, iodine compounds, salts of iron and potassium, magnesium, vitamins C, P, PP, B1. Of course, if a person follows a diet for slimness, he should not be too attached to this fruit.

But apricot helps reduce pressure and strengthen the cardiovascular system, reduce swelling and establish a water-salt metabolism. It positively affects the functioning of the thyroid gland. It is recommended for pregnant women.

rating of the most healthy berries

Apricot contains many pectins, so it cleanses the intestines well. People who are fond of smoked meats, fried foods or oily, it is better to eat this fruit, because it helps to remove toxins.

You can also strengthen the vessels with apricots. In addition, this product is necessary for those whose skin is prone to the rapid appearance of bruises. Surprisingly, to get a healing effect, it is enough to eat two, three apricots every day. It is also worth considering that this fruit has contraindications.


It is worth mentioning the most useful berries for children. Every mother knows that the first assistant in inflammatory processes in a child is raspberry. The fact is that it is rich in salicylic acid, which relieves pain, fever and inflammation. Also, with diseases of the throat, this particular berry helps. It contains herbal antibiotics that kill staphylococci. Zinc, which is found in raspberries, helps to absorb vitamin A. It is known that it is he who is responsible for growth.

In addition, raspberries contain copper, cobalt, folic acid, B12, and iron. All these elements are hematopoietic. Vitamin C in combination with flavonoids well strengthens blood vessels.

10 most healthy berries

Especially raspberries can help men, because the zinc contained in it is involved in the formation of male seed. In order for this berry to produce the desired result, it must be consumed daily in two glasses.

What fruits and berries are especially valuable?

The rating of "most healthy berries and fruits" does not indicate that if an apple occupies the first positions, then apricot is significantly inferior to it and it can be abandoned. It is important not to forget that some fruits cannot replace others, so scientists recommend eating about five different types of such treats every day. The number of berries may be small, but an important condition is diversity.

Of course, each fruit is useful and contains important trace elements in its composition. For example, blackcurrant can be useful for colds, having an anti-inflammatory effect, and mulberry enhances sputum discharge in bronchitis. Plum is also relevant for rheumatism and protects against blood clots. Kiwi will be good for teeth and our bones. Cranberries help protect against infectious diseases and prevent the formation of kidney stones. And so in everything - if you touch every fetus, you can have no doubt that it will be extremely useful.


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