Breast nipple correction: photos and reviews

Correction of the nipples is a fairly common operation that allows you to restore the natural beauty of the female breast. With age, due to childbirth or by nature, various sections of the breast are deformed. In addition to physiological troubles, which are quite rare, the owners of such shortcomings face rather serious psychological difficulties. Plastic surgeons ready to come to the rescue, returning the perfect breast and allowing to leave the complexes forever in the past. Plastic surgery that corrects the nipple-areolar complex gives excellent results. As follows from the reviews about the correction of the nipples, women gain confidence in themselves and can enjoy life again.

Warp and Beauty

The official opinion of modern medicine is as follows: deformities recorded on the female breast are not pathologies in their bulk, that is, correction of the shape of the nipples is not a necessary surgical intervention. It is entirely possible to keep the breast as it is. Making the final decision, it is necessary to carefully assess the impact on the psyche, emotions, and feeling about oneself. There are frequent cases when, without indications for surgery, from the point of view of medicine, correction of breast nipples is still needed just so that a woman can again be confident in her attractiveness and femininity.

It should be understood that a change in the female breast with age is normal. Significant factors will be weight gain and weight loss, hormonal changes in the body, gestation, birth and feeding of the baby. At the same time, the volume, shape of the breast change, the effect is on the nipples surrounding their areoles. But not always a deviation from the generally accepted norm is provoked by age and childbirth, there may also be congenital individual characteristics, by virtue of which a woman wants to correct the areolas of the nipples.

When is it necessary?

Indications that provoke correction of the areola of the nipple (photos allow you to evaluate the results of medical intervention) are given below:

  • non-standard (increased) length, width of the nipple;
  • retraction;
  • deformation;
  • hypertrophy;
  • asymmetry of the nipples;
  • lack of pigmentation of the nipple, the area around it.

retracted nipple correction

It is believed that nipple correction photos are interesting only to women, since it is the fair sex who seek such surgical intervention. But statistics show that this is nothing more than a stereotype, in reality a thing of the past. This is not the first year that clients of plastic surgeons from around the world have become men interested in nipple correction. Nothing surprising, because men, as well as women, may lack areas or even nipples in general. In some cases, this part of the body causes physical or psychological discomfort, which modern medicine will help to cope with.

Where does it all start?

Before you begin to make the correction of the retracted nipple, areola, another operation on this delicate, sensitive, special part of the human body, you need to be examined by a specialist doctor.

The intervention is quite simple, but preparation is needed first. As part of the examination, they make an ultrasound of the breast, an electrocardiogram, and take tests (the same as with other operations - for hepatitis, AIDS, biochemistry, general research).

Medication: Avoiding Conflict

If a woman takes hormonal drugs, she should warn the doctor about this. If these are oral contraceptives, then the reception is stopped three weeks before the correction of the nipples. It is recommended to abstain from smoking, alcohol. If the operation is planned for a patient who is forced to take medication regularly, the doctor should be aware of the full list of drugs, as based on this information they decide what to cancel, what to leave, what to replace. In addition, the choice of analgesics and drugs used in rehabilitation depends on this. If there are allergic reactions, the doctor should be aware of this.

nipple areola correction

Operation: both difficult and simple

Often, correction of the nipples is performed as an independent operation, but you can combine it with other surgical interventions on the chest. For example, mammoplasty is often performed simultaneously, which changes the volume and shape of the mammary glands, along with correcting the nipples, areoles.

It is allowed to carry out the correction of the nipples simultaneously with reconstructive operations. The duration of the entire event is within an hour. Anesthesia is usually done topically, but depending on the indications, general anesthesia may be used.

It is important!

All operations to adjust the area near the nipples are divided into three large categories:

  • change in the size of the nipples;
  • restoration of nipples, areoles;
  • resizing pigmented skin.

nipple correction photo

If the operation is performed by correcting the inverted nipples, then during the intervention it corrects the milk ducts, releasing them, because it is because of this element that the region is severely deformed. Such an operation not only gives an aesthetic effect, but is also useful if a woman plans to breastfeed.

The operation involving the milk ducts should be extremely accurate so as not to disrupt the delicate systems of the body, therefore they resort to microsurgery. This allows you to save the ducts, but restore the natural functions of the nipple. With this operation, an incision is made no more than a centimeter in length, and when it is healed, the resulting scar is invisible to the human eye.

Areoles and nipples: all for the sake of beauty

If, due to nature (or due to age-related changes), areoles become too large, they can be reduced. It is believed that areoles are beautiful, the size of which is from 3.5 to 4.5 sentiments. But it is important to observe proportionality - the pigmented area is beautiful when proportionate to the breast. Correction can correct not only size but also shape.

nipple correction reviews

Nipples can also be made larger, smaller, depending on the source data. If necessary, reconstruct nipples. If the site is very large, a wedge-shaped excision is performed that disrupts milk flow, that is, after the operation, breastfeeding is no longer possible. However, in practice, such an operation is followed by those who have already breast-fed the baby, and it was lactation that provoked the disproportionate stretching of the nipple.

Click to enlarge? Easy!

Plastic surgeons also come to those women who experience an inferiority complex, feel their own imperfection due to too small areoles. The pigmented area can be increased, and if there is none, in principle, then reconstruct.

nipple areola correction photo

To create a new areola, take a small area of ​​skin from the perineum and engraft it on the chest, as the pigmentation of these areas coincides. In some cases, you need to restore sections of both breasts, sometimes only one. If everything is in order with one breast, you can use its areola to obtain biomaterial transplanted into the nipple area of ​​the other breast. As an alternative, they resort to tattooing, for which biologically safe paints are used. If you need to create a nipple, use the skin of the chest.

Rehabilitation: no problems

The operation is performed either under local anesthesia, or under general. If local anesthesia is done, then they are discharged already on the day when microsurgery was performed. In the absence of complications, being in a hospital is pointless, since it is more convenient and comfortable to care for the sutures at home, independently. Sutures are removed after 7-10 days from the time of surgery. The first two weeks recommend the use of compression underwear.

nipple shape correction

As a rule, the intervention does not affect the milk ducts, which means that surgery has no effect on the possibility of breastfeeding. However, if the correction was planned by a woman who was soon about to become pregnant and give birth, then it is better to consult a surgeon after the end of the feeding period.

Complications: is it scary?

Of all the types of complications known to medicine, hematomas that form in the subcutaneous layer are most often found. Large scars, keloids are less often fixed. Soft tissues are extremely inflamed, but this is also possible. To protect yourself from complications, you need to carefully follow medical recommendations. This allows you to almost 100% guarantee that there will be no side effects.

And when not?

There are a number of contraindications that do not allow the correction of nipples and areoles:

  • systemic diseases;
  • infection;
  • oncology;
  • minor age;
  • blood clotting;
  • gestation;
  • lactation.

To do or not to do?

When a woman first comes to a surgeon, declaring her desire to correct the areolas, nipples, she is often recommended to think more, and only as she makes a final decision to return to make an appointment and examination. There are also cases when doctors refuse potential clients, citing the fact that there is no need for surgical intervention.

breast nipple correction

There is a certain stereotype in society: many to this day are convinced that only narrow-minded people perform plastic surgery. When planning a surgical intervention, many women hide it even from their close relatives. All this provokes a severe stressful situation, in which it is not easy to make a final decision. If a woman doubts whether she needs an operation, but cannot trust anyone from her family, friends, then it is worth using the services of psychologists, psychotherapists.

If a decision has been made, then there is nothing to be shy and hiding. Everyone in the modern world has the right to meet their own ideals of beauty, since the technologies available to us make it real and even relatively inexpensive. When making the final decision, be sure to look at the photos before and after the operation. This will help you understand how much your breasts are changing in order to adequately assess whether you need it.


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