Easy diet - a sure way to lose weight!

A lot of girls dream of losing weight. This is a certain desire to be beautiful and attractive to others. However, not everyone is ready to torture themselves with hunger strikes. Yes, and it is harmful to health.

Many people think that dieting is too restrictive a diet. But this is not at all true. Light weight loss diets exist. Moreover, there are even several options developed by different authors. It remains only to choose the most suitable.

Easy diet in Russian

Russians cannot live without meat or fish. And yet, you want to make meals more satisfying than they are presented in various diets. But you can become easier even if you eat quite well.

Without any damage to your health, you can sit on a very light diet for a week. It implies 3 main (main) meals and two more small snacks.

So, you can eat vegetable salads. Boiled chicken, fish, lean meat. You can use soups and even buckwheat porridge in milk. Exclude all products that contain starch, pastries, as well as all sweets. And a very important rule - portions should be moderate, and not huge, like a wide Russian soul.

A week is enough to hold out on such an easy diet to lose up to 2 kg of excess weight. True, it is suitable only for those people who practically do not go in for sports and lead a more sedentary life.

American easy diet

Every day in the week, the American diet will have to eat no more than 1,200 calories. Breakfast must consist of porridge cooked in non-fat milk, or a variety of berries and fruits. Lunch or lunch is boiled rice or beans, as well as skinless chicken breast (you can cook it in different ways: cook, grill, stew, etc.). The snack should consist of fruits, and for dinner you can eat all the same chicken and vegetable salads. At the same time, you can drink tea and coffee. Only no sugar is allowed. In this diet, bread is also excluded.

Thus, you can lose up to 2-3 kg of weight per week. True, depending on the tastes and needs of losing weight, the diet of the American diet can be slightly adjusted.

Easy diet and quick results

After 5 days, you can see the result, if you use such a diet. It is quite easily tolerated, so you definitely will not have to torment yourself. In addition, the body in the process of such weight loss will get a large amount of vitamins.

The main foods that you can eat during the diet are vegetables, fruits, and an unlimited amount of greens. First, prepare for a diet. Therefore, for two days you can eat boiled meat (but not fatty and better poultry). Buckwheat is suitable as a side dish. Lunch may consist of fish (again, boiled). But dinner is cottage cheese or kefir. Fruits, especially apples, are best consumed before dinner.

The menu of the next three days is a continuous salad. They can be either from vegetables seasoned with butter, or from fruits and low-fat yogurt. Do not forget to use the greens. Before going to bed, you can eat a cup of yogurt.

The last days of the week are the most difficult. On the day you need to drink a liter of kefir and nothing else to eat. According to the results of the diet, on average, up to 5 kg of weight is lost, and outwardly the abdomen and hips are very much reduced.

The easiest diet by Anna Johansson

This light diet is based on the glorified principle of nutrition, which is called protein-carbohydrate alternation. The thing is that every day you need to use products of the same category. Such food quickly eliminates unnecessary kilograms. The menu is very simple:

  1. the first day you need to eat only fish;
  2. the second day is for vegetables;
  3. next you need to eat only chicken;
  4. fourth day - cereal;
  5. then comes the curd diet;
  6. finally, only fruits can be consumed.

There are no restrictions on the number and type of cooking products. You can easily salt, pepper and add any seasoning to the dishes. Only in places you can not change the menu of days. The result of such a diet is amazing. For 6 days, you can easily get rid of 4 kg.

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