The harm of daily pads for women: reviews of gynecologists

In the modern world for girls and women, daily hygiene pads have become a favorite means of intimate hygiene. This means of intimate hygiene is used by many girls and women. However, many people ask whether they are useful and whether they can be used at all. In this section you will learn about the benefits and dangers of their use. More details about the reviews of doctors, the benefits and harms of daily pads next.

Gasket purpose

The main task of daily pads is to absorb natural secretions. Their use at first glance is very convenient and there can be no talk of any minuses. Indeed, thanks to them, a woman can simply change the pad when dirt appears, and not her underwear. Also, the "daily" is very convenient, because it is small and thin, and almost invisible. However, the question of the safety of using "daily" for health torments many.

harm or benefit of gaskets

Why do you need "daily"

As mentioned above, with the help of such pads you can not worry about the cleanliness of underwear throughout the day. They are especially in demand in cases where a woman has a long road without the ability to change underwear. Many women are very worried about this, especially during those days when natural discharge is abundant.

As for menstruation, it is necessary to use other means of intimate personal hygiene: tampons, special pads, menstrual cup. For menstruation, "daily" is unacceptable, they are suitable during ovulation or when menstrual flow is not very plentiful. Also, the use of such a gasket can be an excellent safety net on the eve of the onset of critical days, or if a woman has mild urinary incontinence.

In such situations, experts advise using this personal care product. However, the "daily" will no longer be so useful if used every day. You should also choose the right gaskets and familiarize yourself with recommendations for their use.

What are they made of?

If the surface of the product is made of a non-woven fabric, moisture is quickly absorbed. In addition, this material is quite soft and pleasant to the touch, which guarantees maximum comfort. The perforated artificial surface is more rigid, but no less well absorbs the discharge.

Often, manufacturers decorate their own product with patterns. As it turned out, this is not just a decor element. The ornament has actual benefits, increasing the flexibility of the tool.

The inner layer is devoid of absorbent material and can absorb only a small amount of moisture. For this, artificial materials and cellulose are used, which perfectly absorb aroma.

For the same purpose, manufacturers use flavorings. Often these are artificially created odors. It is necessary to carefully choose such products, as it is not clear to what extent the combination of synthetic smell and natural aroma of a girl will be harmonious.

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How to use daily pads

Experts believe that you should not completely abandon the use of daily pads. However, so that there are no problems and there is no harm to the body, you need to adhere to the recommendations.

The body of any woman is individual, because if one means is suitable for one, this does not mean that the other will have it either. As for the general recommendations, do not forget:

  • Always choose gaskets that are breathable and porous. The genital area must be kept fresh and air should be available, otherwise, in a humid environment, an area for bacteria to grow.
  • Several times a day, the "daily" needs to be changed. Do not forget about this important point, you need to change often and it is important not to forget about changing the gasket.
  • Before and after changing the “daily”, wash your hands well. Hand hygiene is important to maintain, do not forget about this important point.

Dangerous symptoms

daily reviews

There are dangerous symptoms that cannot be ignored. These symptoms include:

  1. During urination, pain and burning sensation occur.
  2. Highlighting changes color.
  3. A specific smell is felt.
  4. In the process of intercourse, unpleasant pain sensations appear.
  5. The volume of vaginal discharge increases.

After the appearance of such symptoms, stop using the pads, and also visit a doctor.

gasket damage

What to do when they appear?

Many women ignore the existence of a gynecologist, and even if symptoms occur, they are in no hurry to see this specialist. The woman’s fear or shame is to blame, but at this time the infection develops and the negative effect on the body increases.

If there is a suspicion of any problems, then you should consult a doctor. Self-treatment is not recommended.

It is necessary that the specialist prescribe the drugs after diagnosis and analysis. Also, if you experience unpleasant symptoms, you should stop using "daily".

Doctors' opinions on the benefits or dangers of daily pads

Based on the above, we can conclude that the "daily" do more harm than good. What do doctors say about this?

Below are the reviews of doctors about the benefits and dangers of daily panty liners for women, which will help determine whether it is possible to use "daily". We advise you to listen to the opinion of gynecologists.

When using such a pad from morning to evening, a favorable environment for the appearance and spread of harmful bacteria can occur. Harmful bacteria enter the body of a woman and are the cause of the development of gynecological diseases. This can happen if the gasket is not changed, and you need to change it several times a day. That is why it is often not recommended to use this personal care product often.

harm pads reviews

As for the daily use of pads, this hygiene product is not the safest and can not be used every day. In addition to the fact that it can provoke the appearance of bacteria, it can also cause allergies. Allergic reactions will be accompanied by unpleasant symptoms, for example, itching, irritation. Fragrances that are contained in gaskets cause allergies. Therefore, the use of "daily" with flavors is highly discouraged.

Wearing pads every day is completely unsafe. If worn, then only in those cases when it is really necessary. Daily gaskets with a sticky surface can cause a greenhouse effect. The adhesive layer prevents the skin from breathing.

Security Reviews

Regarding the issue of the safety of using daily pads, we can say for sure that their use is not very safe. They can not be used every day, only as needed. Sleeping with daily panty liners is by no means recommended.

If you use daily pads, then soberly assess their alleged harm and benefit. In the case when a woman has discharge, then their use is appropriate. However, it is not recommended to abuse them, and if there are negative consequences, then you should completely refuse to wear them.

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Some doctors about the dangers of daily panty liners (photos of hygiene products are presented in the article) say that the best option would be to refuse to use “daily routines”. It may be very convenient for many women, but it is better to refuse. It is not difficult to do without them, you just need to adhere to the rules of personal hygiene, take a shower a couple of times a day, all this will save a woman from the need to use pads. Treat your health with utmost care and attention.

And a little more about the "daily"

If you use such a personal care product, then be sure to take its choice with all seriousness. First you need to pay attention to the brand of gaskets, in no case do not try to save on this, buy hygiene products only from well-known and trusted manufacturers. This is your health, but you can’t save on it! Also, inspect the pack before buying. It is important that it is completely sealed. If it is not well packed, then bacteria could enter it. Also, do not forget to change the gasket on time, it is recommended to do this several times a day.

daily in a purse

As you can see, reviews about the dangers of daily pads are different. To use them or not, a woman must decide for herself. There is simply no consensus on this. With their appearance, the girls' life has become much easier, but this does not change the fact that it is not very safe for the health of the vagina.


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