Is it possible for a nursing mother to apricots? Find the answer!

Apricots have been used for food for more than one millennium. This juicy and nutritious fruit has a lot of useful properties, not to mention the fact that its dense pulp perfectly satisfies the feeling of hunger. Among other things, it is also very tasty.

Can Nursing Mother Apricots
During the ripening period of these fruits, many try to eat them for the whole next year, and therefore the logical question arises as to whether, for example, apricots can be given to nursing women? The nutrition of those who carry out breastfeeding can sometimes give odds to many diets in terms of severity, but sometimes you really want to eat something tasty, and especially if it is tasty - a seasonal fruit.

Is it possible for a nursing mother to apricots? Fruits are a valuable source of vitamins, organic acids and sugars, which provide a complete human nutrition. Without their use, the body will not be able to provide normal work. But due to the fact that many fruits can cause allergies, their use during lactation should be very careful and moderate. So, for example, oranges, red apples or cherry plum are generally completely prohibited, since they can provoke diathesis in a child after it enters the body with breast milk. The question of whether apricots can be given to a nursing mother is not often asked, since this fruit is rarely a source of an allergic reaction of the body. And its useful properties can largely outweigh the risk of developing diathesis.

can nursing apricots
Along with kiwi, currants, cherries and apples, you can feed apricots in small quantities. It is advisable to use them thoroughly washed to reduce the risk of contracting an intestinal infection - one of the main diseases of the summer period. In addition, it is better to give preference to local varieties, and not brought from afar, since such fruits are often processed with chemicals for greater preservation.

When deciding whether it is possible for a nursing mother to have apricots, remember that it is best not to rush on the early fruits, as they may turn out to be immature, brought from afar, processed with any growth hormones, and this even applies to trees such as apricots. It’s better to wait for fruit from local orchards to appear in markets or in stores.

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If allergies are common in your family, or if by nature many of the family members have a rather weak stomach, the question of whether it is possible for a nursing mother to have apricots should be postponed until the baby is at least three months old. These body characteristics are inherited, and even harmless fruits can provoke an allergic reaction or serious stomach problems in a very small child. After three months, when the baby begins to gradually introduce complementary foods and it becomes less dependent on mother's milk, you can try to eat a couple of apricots. But if your child specifically after this will be uncomfortable, it is better not to consume these fruits in the future before you completely transfer the baby to complementary foods.


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