Omega-6: benefits and harm to the human body

Omega-6 fatty acids are polyunsaturated. The peculiarity of their structure is double carbon bonds. It is she who determines the basic qualities of acids that are so appreciated by man.

omega 6 benefits and harms

What to expect?

Omega-6 acid has a fairly diverse biological effect on the human body. This phenomenon is associated with the conversion of the substance to N-6 eicosanoids, which, in turn, react with receptors. Analyzes reveal the presence of these compounds in a wide variety of tissues and organs.

The strongest effect on humans is believed to have arachidonic acid. Once in the body, under the influence of active substances, it breaks down, producing leukotrienes, prostaglandins. They, in turn, are indispensable for inflammation, as they play the role of mediators. The benefits and harms of Omega-3, 6, 9 have been known to science for a long time. In part, these effects are based on the interaction of fatty acids with each other. For example, Omega-6 competes with Omega-3. Mobilization, deposition, and conversion of active substances depend on this. And, of course, due to these compounds, a rather strong effect is exerted on N-3, N-6 precursors.

In total, about 10 varieties of fatty acids are ranked as Omega-6. The most studied in science are linoleic, arachidonic. The use of omega-6 fatty acids of these types has been proven in medicine for a long time - however, only when the concentration in the body is within reasonable limits.

Danger: there is always

Relatively recent medical studies have shown that the benefits of Omega-6 for women and men are observed only when the concentration of components in the body is within normal limits. As soon as the boundary value is exceeded, the compounds become much more harmful than useful. This is expressed in the increased likelihood of a number of serious diseases.

omega 3 6 9 benefits and harms

In recent years, many diets have been built in such a way that food is rich in Omega-6, but low in Omega-3. Thanks to this approach, the problem of an excess of Omega-6 in the diet has become quite urgent. It is necessary to eat, maintaining the ratio between these two groups of fatty acids 1: 1, but not more than 4: 1. In practice, many dietary products nowadays, following their instructions for use, Omega-6 enters the body in an amount 20-30 times the volume of Omega-3. This provokes metabolic disorders and initiates various diseases.

Main risks

The use of Omega-6 in such large doses can provoke:

  • arthritis;
  • arthrosis;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • asthmatic diseases;
  • vascular problems;
  • blood clots
  • inflammation
  • depression of immunity;
  • tumor proliferation.

Optimization of the situation can be achieved by balancing the volumes of Omega-3, 6, and 9 that enter the body. This is done by adding special components to the main menu. You can switch to sports nutrition.

Omega-6: where to get it?

The reviews for Omega-6 are very different, both due to the fact that people do not properly balance their diet, and because of the sources of this fatty acid. In some cases, compounds enter the body with various foods that provoke negative reactions. The main sources of omega-6 fatty acids:

  • oils extracted from plants;
  • nuts
  • meat of various birds.

omega 6 acid

Benefit: When used correctly, it is obvious.

The debate about the dangers and benefits of Omega-6 and 9 will not subside, probably for many more years. But there are few scientists willing to take risks and deny the positive effects achieved by the correct intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids. In particular, gamma-linolenic is referred to Omega-6, for which it is known for certain that the effect on humans is as follows:

  • the skin retains elasticity;
  • PMS phenomena pass;
  • nails are strong for a long time.

Acid is useful in the fight against diseases:

  • diabetes;
  • sclerosis;
  • skin diseases;
  • arthritis.

So, the benefits and harms for women omega-6 is especially noticeable. The first - with proper consumption, the second - with incorrect. But, you must admit, when so many suffer from the monthly manifestations of PMS, choosing a diet with the right ratio of acids is not a big price to keep calm both your own and those close to you.

The benefits and harms of products

The benefits and harms of Omega-6 directly depend on how the acids enter the body. It has already been indicated above that vegetable oils are the main source of compounds. This does not mean that you need to eat more oil in order to saturate the body of Omega-6. In reality, in our country, residents are already absorbing too large volumes of such products, as well as fat and fat.

It will be useful to use sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids in moderation. Say, a week - no more than three pieces of fat. And the matter is not only in acids - in this product there are other compounds that are useful to humans, but are almost never found. But the high quality of the oil is the main criterion for getting enough Omega-6 in food. Simply put, even large volumes of low-quality product will not help, but high-level food will become the source of all the necessary components. Preference should be given to the options obtained by cold pressing. Do not cook with unrefined oils.

omega 6 benefits and harm for women

Many or few?

The benefits and harms of Omega-6 are directly dependent on the amount of components in the food. As soon as the norm is exceeded, there is a strong negative effect on the immunity, pressure and condition of the heart and blood vessels in general. In some cases, an excess of fatty acids provokes oncological processes. This is most obvious if you pay attention to the statistics of American medicine, where residents of the country abuse fast food, fatty meat dishes and fast food. In all these dishes, the concentration of Omega-6 is high, which leads to an overabundance of substances in the human body.

omega 6 application

But the disadvantage leads to bad consequences: the hair falls out, the nails exfoliate, the liver does not cope with its functions. Additionally, people suffer from eczema, and children are often diagnosed with stunted growth.

The effect of fatty acids

The benefits and harms of Omega-6 are directly related to the effects of exposure at the cellular level. When polyunsaturated fatty acids are ingested, blood becomes thicker, more viscous, and metabolism slows down. Accordingly, an excess of components in the blood leads to:

  • overweight;
  • heart and vascular diseases;
  • asthmatic disorders;
  • inflammation.

But if you adjust the diet so that the concentration is in the correct ratio of Omega-3 and 9, and also that in general there are enough substances, then blood clumping is evaluated as a positive factor. In addition, the concentration of cholesterol is reduced. Fatty acids are essential elements of cell membranes.

omega 6 instructions for use

Scientists have found that Omega-3 in a fairly high concentration is present in living creatures leading an active lifestyle. These are birds, some mammals. But if the animal moves relatively little, then Omega-6 prevails. So, its greatest concentration was found in elephants, seals and bears.

Omega-6: benefits and harms in combination with other factors

It was pointed out that the effect of polyunsaturated fatty acids primarily depends on the extent to which the components enter the body. In recent years, mankind has been living in habits that contribute to the glut of Omega-6. Obvious evidence is a disease map inherent in our culture. Most often, doctors face heart attacks, strokes, overweight and arthritis.

omega 6 reviews

At the same time, it cannot be argued that Omega-6 is the only source of these problems. This is an additional factor showing the result in combination with several others. So, our food is a source of large volumes of saturated fats, whose harm to humans has long been scientifically proven. Milk, meat are rich in such components. In addition, people absorb huge amounts of salt. The excess of "white death" has an extremely depressing effect on the blood vessels, the heart - the load, the pressure increases. In addition, salt retains water in the body, provokes the accumulation of extra pounds. Together, all of these factors only increase the negative impact of excess omega-6s.

But the benefits are undeniable!

Of course, the above information can be scary. But it should be understood that negative reactions are possible only if the balance is disturbed. If you were able to choose the right diet and provide the body with the correct amount of fatty acids without excess and violation in favor of Omega-3, 6 or 9, then there is no doubt: health will be normal for a long time.

The content in the Omega-6 menu in the correct concentration is one of the most effective methods of combating extremely harmful and dangerous cholesterol, which provokes the appearance of plaques on the vessels. If the anamnesis contains diseases of bones or joints, a correctly formulated diet rich in Omega-6 will help, eliminating the likelihood of inflammation.

Clinical studies have shown that with chronic sclerosis, Omega-6 has a strong positive effect on the patient. This is true both for the onset of the disease and for the progressive stage. No less reliably known and a positive effect in diabetes. This disease is associated with a violation of the connections of nerve fibers that are restored by gamma-linolenic acid.

Omega-6: Mental and Mental Development Under Control

If you managed to make a diet that is rich in omega-6 to the right degree, this has a positive effect on the state of the brain. The body functions more actively, more efficiently, and neurons are protected from harmful effects. It is not for nothing that Omega-6 is considered an effective method of therapy for hypertension, depression and inflammatory processes in a variety of body systems.

By the way, the benefits of fatty acids for sexual impotence, the inability to have children and endometriosis have been proven. In addition, they have a positive effect on patients with prostatitis.

omega 6 fatty acids benefit

As for depression, this situation deserves special attention. If the human body does not get Omega-6 in the right amount, it affects working capacity quite quickly, people get tired, face chronic fatigue, and depression develops quickly. This is especially difficult to tolerate against a background of memory impairment and other health problems. But normalization of the diet leads to the fact that the mood returns to normal. As for women who are prone to suffer from PMS, here the effect of Omega-6 on mood is noticeable from month to month - hormonal changes do not so much affect the psyche, nervousness and irritability disappear. This makes the life of not only the woman herself, but also her relatives, friends and colleagues easier and more enjoyable.

Hair and skin: benefits immediately noticeable

Visually, the effect on the human body of Omega-6 is noticeably greatest in terms of hair, nails and skin. Moreover, it equally reflects the lack of polyunsaturated fatty acids, as well as their excess. The components are necessary so that the skin is regenerated, and the hair grows, the nail plate is strong and healthy. Omega-6 is useful in the regeneration of a wide variety of tissues.

the benefits of omega 6 for women

If a person suffers from eczema, regular intake of a normal amount of omega-6 helps eliminate most of the symptoms of the disease. Inflammation disappears, skin irritation is removed.

Hair acquires a healthy, beautiful shine. Fragility leaves, the ends stop chopping. Along the entire length of the hair, the flakes fit snugly against the trunk. This has a positive effect on the hair as a whole: loss is normal, density remains with age.

Healthy ratio - what is it?

In order for a person to feel good, you need a diet that delivers Omega-3, 6 and 9 in the right ratio. It must be remembered that the absolute volume of fatty acids entering the blood is much less important than relative.

As for Omega-3 and Omega-6, doctors say that these components should be taken in approximately equal doses to the human body. With normal nutrition in the human brain, this ratio is maintained. Within normal limits, there will be an excess of Omega-6 concentration over Omega-3 up to four times, but no more.

omega 6 and 9 harm and benefit

The reason is that, in fact, the body is not influenced separately by Omega-3s and 6s, namely, these two types of fatty acids are combined. They interact with each other, and it is precisely such reactions that benefit all systems and organs of man. Omega-3 and Omega-6 individually affect the body in almost the opposite way. As soon as both are inside, a balancing interaction begins. Already from this explanation it is clear why the optimal balance is one to one.


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