Work with light and optics: how to start a career at the university - the experience of graduates of four specialized master's programs

Last time we talked about how graduates of the faculty of photonics and opto-informatics combined work and study . Today - we continue the story, but this time we talked with masters representing such areas as “ Light Guide Photonics ”, “ LED Technologies and Optoelectronics ”, as well as “ Photonics Materials ” and “ Laser Technologies ”.

We discussed with them how and how the university helps in terms of starting a career in the profession.

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Work in the university laboratory

ITMO University students who show themselves during classes can join in the work on various R&D. They are commissioned by the country's manufacturing enterprises. So, undergraduates acquire real practical skills, learn to interact with relevant employers, plus receive additional income during training.

I work as an engineer in the laboratory for the assembly and alignment of fiber-optic photonics devices at the ITMO University Research Center for Fiber-Optic Photonics. I participate in the development and testing of prototypes of light guide photonics devices. Engaged in coaxial alignment of optical fibers.

He got a job at the beginning of the second year of the magistracy at the suggestion of the supervisor. In my case, it played into the hands - you can work and learn new things at the same time.

—Evgeny Kalugin, graduate of the Light Guide Photonics 2019 program

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Studies conducted by students are supervised by leading scientists and specialists from specialized enterprises. A graduate of the LED Technology and Optoelectronics program Artyom Petrenko told us about his experience in the laboratory.

Since the fourth year of undergraduate studies, I have been engaged in scientific activities in the laboratories of the university. Initially, it was a laser processing of silicon, and already in the magistracy I managed to connect to R&D and to develop a laser module for additive technologies. This R&D has become for quite some time my main job, because the process of developing a real device is a very exciting activity.

At the moment, I am preparing intensively for exams for admission to graduate school. I would like to try to realize myself in the scientific field.

- Artyom Petrenko

Working within the walls of the university, it becomes easier for students to combine pairs. Plus, it’s easier to learn when the work is directly related to the educational program, and scientific research smoothly flows into the final qualifying work. The educational process in the university is designed in such a way that students do not have to constantly tear between work and study.

According to Artyom Akimov, a graduate of the master's program “ Laser Technologies ”, even taking into account the skipping of a certain number of classes “ you can calmly study independently, achieve loyal attitude of teachers and go through the certification stages during the semester .”

Company interviews

The knowledge and experience gained in pairs and in laboratories of ITMO University help to easily pass interviews for specialized vacancies and work in leading companies in the country. According to Ilya Krasavtsev, a graduate of the LED Technology and Optoelectronics program, the university’s curriculum is fully consistent with the requirements of the employer. After graduate, Ilya managed to immediately take a leadership position. He works for SEAES, a company specializing in the manufacture and sale of marine lighting. A similar experience has developed with another graduate of this program - Eugene Frolov.

I am an engineer in a scientific laboratory for the development and production of fiber-optic gyroscopes at JSC Concern Central Research Institute Elektropribor. I am engaged in docking of an optical fiber with a multifunctional integrated optical circuit made on a lithium non-lithium crystal. A successful interview was made possible by knowledge of the basics of fiber and integrated optics, as well as experience with optical fiber at the Department of Light Guide Photonics .

- Eugene Frolov, graduated from the magistracy this year

Job search is also simplified by the fact that directors and key employees of many enterprises personally give lectures at ITMO University. They talk about technological processes and equipment, share experiences.

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For example, as part of the master's program “ LED Technologies and Optoelectronics ”, profile courses are taught by the managers of Hevel LLC, which produces solar power plants, Semiconductor Devices CJSC, which produces lasers, and INTER RAO LED Systems, OJSC - they develop LEDs.

Everything that students will hear in the classrooms from teachers, they will be able to see and thoroughly study in the workshops and laboratories of existing industries.

- Dmitry Bauman, Head of the Department of Scientific and Technical Support of JSC Innovation Technologies Concern

As a result, graduate students receive the competencies necessary for specialists in their profession. After employment, it remains only to quickly grasp the main subtleties in business processes. There are no situations when a student is told that he can forget everything that he was taught at the university.

The curriculum meets all the requirements that a modern employer makes for an employee. At the university, you take an active part in research work, gain experience working with laser systems and other modern experimental equipment, as well as the ability to work with engineering, graphics and computing programs: AutoCAD, KOMPAS, OPAL-PC, TracePro, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Mathcad, StatGraphics Plus and others.

- Anastasia Tavalinskaya, graduate of the master's program " Laser Technology "

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According to the masters, the very status of a graduate of ITMO University also helps. According to Ilya Krasavtsev, at interviews he was often asked about teachers simply because employers knew them personally.

Contracts with foreign colleagues

A fairly large number of foreign organizations are familiar with our faculties and speak positively about our graduates and specialists.

I happened to work in a company that works closely with Siemens. The Siemens employees with whom I contacted respect our university with great respect, and they impose quite serious requirements on its graduates. Because the high status of the university should correspond to the high status of its graduates.

- Artyom Petrenko

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Many students of ITMO University during their studies undergo internship abroad. After graduation, they receive proposals for long-term cooperation from Russian and foreign employers.

The university is able to help not only with the acquisition of knowledge, but it is becoming a good platform for starting a career path. Teachers and employees of ITMO University work with students on all fronts - on theory and practice. Moreover, this practice is tied to real technology and business cases that are being worked on by specialists from large companies around the world.

PS Reception for Light Guide Photonics , LED Technologies and Optoelectronics , as well as Materials for Photonics and Laser Technologies continues until August 5 .


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