Delta Smart City Solutions: Have you ever wondered how green a movie theater can be?

At the COMPUTEX 2019 exhibition, held in early summer, Delta showed its unique “green” 8K cinema, as well as a number of IoT solutions designed for modern, green cities. In this post, we talk in detail about various innovations, including smart charging systems for electric vehicles.

Today, every company strives to develop more environmentally friendly and advanced projects, supporting the trends of creating Smart Cities. The Delta portfolio also has interesting products that amaze with their manufacturability and at the same time the ability to save energy, we will talk about them today.

8K Green Cinema

The basis of the green cinema Delta is the INSIGHT Laser 8K projector. This is the first model in the world with a brightness of 25,000 lumens at a resolution of 8K DLP. Using such a device, films with a resolution of up to 7680 x 4320 can be shown to viewers, although there are still a few. At the same time, the INSIGHT Laser 8K has a contrast ratio of 20,000: 1, and its lamp life is 20,000 hours.

The device sets a new level of detail and allows you to create a more impressive and detailed picture. Thanks to this, it can be used not only in cinemas, but also in simulation of particle physics or industrial visualization.

During the COMPUTEX 2019 Worldwide Exhibition of Modern Technologies, traditionally held in Taiwan, a green movie theater Delta showed a documentary about the island with a resolution of 8K, shot specifically for this demonstration - Water with Life in Taiwan, dedicated to the problems of resource restoration and the environment.

In the first 8K green cinema, a turnkey system for managing engineering systems was also installed to launch sessions. She worked according to three predefined scenarios: greeting the audience, showing the film and ending the show. At each stage, the required level of lighting was determined, as well as actuators that opened and closed the curtains. Air quality sensors and a video surveillance system that determines the number of visitors made it possible to provide the most comfortable atmosphere in the hall throughout the entire session. At the same time, the system shows impressive energy efficiency.

The real feature of the "green" cinema is the integration ... with a charging system for electric vehicles. The manufacturer demonstrated at COMPUTEX 2019 new chargers for electric vehicles V2H / V2G EV Charger, which were built into the cinema's power system. Each connected electric car can be not only a consumer, but also a large battery that can give energy to the network if necessary. Such a scheme allows you to charge an electric car and at the same time compensate for the short-term increase in load in electric networks. This makes it possible to minimize energy costs and reduce losses in electric networks, which means that it is more economical to use natural resources. By the way, such a scheme for installing chargers for electric vehicles, which are expected to be charged in parking lots at cinemas in the near future, can bring savings to both homeowners and business center management companies.

The control system for server and data centers InfraSuite complements the complex of IT solutions for cinema services. It guarantees the necessary cooling and optimal energy distribution using cabinets (PDC) and distribution blocks in the racks. Using InfraSuite can save up to 25% on data center and server data energy consumption, significantly increasing PUE (the ratio of energy consumption of IT equipment and engineering systems).

And a few more IoT solutions

In addition to the “green” cinema, COMPUTEX presented a whole series of energy-efficient solutions from the Internet of Things segment (IoT - Internet of Things).

Since true energy efficiency can only be achieved with centralized control, the Delta-developed enteliWEB web panel integrates HVAC control, lighting, video surveillance and other engineering systems. The software constantly analyzes energy consumption parameters and helps to optimize heating and air conditioning costs.

For individual rooms and rooms, such as classrooms, study rooms or meeting rooms, the O3 Room Automation system was developed . It includes various controllers and sensors that help create an environment that adapts to humans. Modular solutions allow you to control HVAC, access to the room and lighting, and the O3 Sensor Hub reads the parameters of lighting, sound volume and movement in the audience, based on which the automatic climate control system works.

Smart lighting based on Versa DALI LED bulbs allows you to save electricity by adjusting the level of illumination in the daytime. If the bright sun shines through the windows, the additional illumination in the room becomes minimal, and when it gets a little darker on the street, the light control system independently increases the brightness of the lamps.

The use of the VIVOTEK Fisheye surveillance camera in a green cinema is worth noting separately. It works on the basis of a 12-megapixel sensor and can conduct continuous shooting with a viewing angle of 180 ° or 360 °, depending on the installation location and monitoring tasks. Intelligent camera capabilities allow you to analyze data directly on the device. For example, the VIVOTEK People Counting function counts the number of visitors by compiling “heat maps”, which indicate the places of maximum concentration of people, that is, points of attraction. This technology helps to choose the best places to install new windows and thereby increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

It is also possible to recognize faces in crowded places with high speed and accuracy. The use of smart cameras can reduce the burden on security personnel and increase the operational efficiency of the company through automatic data collection.

The microclimate inside any room can be supported by the ready-made UNO Indoor Environment Quality solution . All necessary air parameters, including temperature and humidity, are read by UNOsense sensors. Based on these data, UNOac air conditioners and UNOerv ventilation systems provide a comfortable indoor environment. The system is managed via the UNOcloud cloud interface and uses electricity with maximum efficiency.

Delta built-in fans are equipped with a high-tech filter - it purifies the air from fine PM2.5 particles, which can circulate in the air for weeks without proper cleaning. Built-in sensors help control the level of CO 2 and the number of harmful microorganisms (VOC).

Power Conditioning (PCS) can be used to efficiently distribute network load. It compensates for reactive power (which is actually dissipated in the form of heat) and helps unload the network at peak loads using powerful batteries. By the way, charging of the latter occurs only during hours of minimum load and low cost of electricity.


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