How disappointed I am on Google Play

Surely you’ve recently heard stories of how the Google Play support service removes programs from the application store that do not comply with any rules. Sometimes they overdo it, then the developer begins to resent and raise informational noise. In some cases, this helps, but usually resistance is futile.
Add to the piggy bank and my story.

So, there is the Metro.Moscow program, which has been on Google Play for several years.

The application is very simple and is an analogue of the paper version of the scheme, which most likely was in your pocket if you rode the subway in the last century before the Internet era. It consists of one picture-scheme, the author of which is the well-known studio of Artemy Lebedev. The application does not have interactive parts, search, advertising, analytics, no internet connection is required - again, this is just an analogue of the paper version. This option is convenient for Muscovites who know the metro quite well, but sometimes you need to refresh details in your memory and calculate a convenient route. In addition, recently the number of new stations has increased dramatically (how prettier Moscow was under Sergei Semenovich) and they have not been remembered yet.

The studio recently updated its layout, respectively, I also updated the picture in the application and published a new version. And suddenly I receive a letter from the support service that the update was rejected.

As is customary with the service, the employee did not mention the details, but simply gave a link to the rules. Like, guess for yourself what you violated. The link led to the Russian version of the page impersonating another person .

My first assumption is that they considered it illegal to host a studio scheme. I am looking for a link for communication - a message is displayed that communication in Russian is impossible. Google is a very poor company, it spent the last resources on creating the Russian-language version of Google Play, and there was already not enough money for the support service in Russian. Okay, let's talk in English.

He expressed his objections, provided a link to the website of Lebedev Studio, where it is written that the scheme can be used for free in applications mentioning authorship (the site is in Russian).
The answer came pretty quickly - We don't allow apps that use another app or entity's brand, title, logo, or name ... and it is mentioned that I use the intellectual property of the Yandex.Metro application. The answer led me into a stupor. What is Yandex property? Maybe the words Moscow, Metro, the scheme? Or the metro logo itself? Let me remind you that the logo was also painted by the studio and sold for a symbolic ruble to the Moscow government, the vector can be found on the studio's website.

I am writing about my disagreement with a similar point of view. The employee changes his shoes on the go and now requires proof of involvement in the studio.
Just in case, I personally wrote a letter to Artemy, but the designer of All Russia did not deign to answer.

On this I decided to stop correspondence. I admit that, from a legal point of view, the law support service, I have no complaints or discontent with them. Basically, the program was written for myself. It’s not my fault that users will no longer be able to upgrade to the new version. Of course, I will post the APK on my website, but only a few will know about it. To make some titanic efforts to inform users, I see no reason.

He made the following conclusions. If you are a lone developer, then uploading your free applications to Google Play now makes no sense - sooner or later you will find some kind of violation and be banned. There are two options - either to work in the company in the development department or to order as a freelancer. Then the problem of compliance with the rules will be dealt with by other people - lawyers, managers, superiors. This is their headache.

If you plan to get rich on your own application, then you can try your luck. But be prepared for difficulties. It will be a shame to lose your earnings one day.

PS During the preparation of the material, I read Reddit and came across a funny post - the developer received a letter that the old application was breaking the rules - you need to fix the problem and publish a new version. Correspondence ensued.

Developer: "The application is old and bad, I do not want to support it anymore."
Google: “Transfer to the status Not published and the problem will be solved.”
Developer: “Well, I’ll probably do it.”
Google: “You must fix issues that violate the rules in published and unpublished applications. Otherwise, we may ban you. ”
Developer: "Then I will uninstall the application."
Google: “Fuck you! As long as there are active users, we won’t let you delete them. ”

Next are tips on what to do. I liked the witty offer - to create an application with a blank screen. They immediately answered that such an application also violates the rules and you can get a ban. Poor developers.

Happy programming to you!

Upd. I did not begin to sort things out. He whipped up his icon for the application. The application has been moderated and is already available on Google Play


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