Moscow, August 9 - Backend Stories 4.0


In a week, on August 9 (it will also be Friday, yes), we will hold our fourth Backend-meeting. As usual, admission is free, broadcast on the day of the event, and interesting reports.

You can register on this page .

But what we will talk about.

Report # 1, Pavel Derendyaev - Fault Tolerance of Services and the Internet

Distributed systems, microservices and cloud providers are firmly included in our everyday life. AWS, GCE, Azure offer entire ecosystems for quick deployment, scaling, and backup applications. Well-designed services survive the days of critical load, DDOS attacks and disconnection of data centers - almost without loss of availability.

A fly in the ointment in this ideal world is a chaotic global Internet, which often negates all efforts to build fault-tolerant circuits. If the network link has fallen and the client’s request has gone nowhere, it (the client) will be deeply purple that our containers in Kubernetes are scaled elastically.

About how to live with it, how to deal with it, and why in general the developer needs to know this, and there will be a report.

Report # 2, Artyom Ptushkin - Testing Services with Spring Cloud Contract

Report on the search for a process of progressive harmonization of requirements and convenient integration testing in the growing world of microservices.

Let's talk about one of the approaches for implementing the Consumer Driven Contracts template in a fast-growing interservice interaction environment.

Report # 3, Elizabeth Andronova - Alfa-Bank Authentication

Need secure authentication? Tired of a large number of passwords? About OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 in simple words or why do we need a Passport.

Bolshaya Polyanka, d.10 / 10, p. 1
We start at 19.00
Register for a mitap .


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