Tips for optimizing your Laravel architecture with AWS

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What is the Laravel Framework

Laravel is known as a full stack framework, as it can perform a wide range of tasks: from servicing web services to managing databases and generating HTML. A vertically integrated web development environment that makes work more enjoyable.

Developers can create and manage Laravel project environments using command line tools. Laravel comes with Artisangreat, which provides some useful development commands and can be used to generate framework code and manage databases. It is based on the powerful Symfony component Console.

The goal of Laravel is to provide a pleasant development process without sacrificing application functionality. Happy developers can create better code! For this purpose, we take advantage of the strengths of the framework to focus on Laravel, which is based on languages ​​and development tools such as Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET MVC and Sinatra.

How does the Laravel response process work?

A typical Laravel application consists of the MVC mentioned above.

When accessing the laravel application, the browser sends a request, which is received by the web server and transmitted to the laravel router. After receiving the request by the laravel router, it is redirected to the controller class in accordance with the configuration.

The controller class accepts the request. In some cases, it immediately renders the view, which is a template that will be converted to HTML and sent back to the browser. More generally, for a dynamic website, the controller interacts with the model and communicates with the database. After interacting with the model, the controller renders the final view (HTML, CSS and images) and returns the full web page to the user's browser.

Laravel supports models, views, and controllers that must be stored separately to store different files in different directories. This is where the laravel directory structure comes into play.

Design patterns such as MVC are designed to facilitate the work of developers. This is where Laravel is better than PHP, in which there are no templates. If you do not understand the topic under discussion, do not worry! When you start working with Laravel, you don’t even realize that you are working in a design pattern. After some time, it will become natural to work with them.

Data model

A data model is the foundation of any application that implements business logic. Each piece of data is represented by a database table. Laravel provides several methods to simplify access to them.

Laravel combines the application data model and database tables, turning strings into PHP objects that are easy to manipulate. It also allows you to apply business rules, describe the relationships between different data models in your application, and more.

Migrating applications from Laravel to AWS

Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular Laravel-based application deployment solutions for experienced PHP developers. However, the technical aspects of web applications are not easy for people with low technology knowledge. Everyone wants to quickly deploy the perfect feature and easy to install Laravel PHP application in AWS cloud infrastructure. It should be noted that having a hosting provider can not only help you, but also contribute to easily implement free web hosting and focus on creating great websites.

It is clear that the Cloud Hosting Platform (cloud hosting platform) is the best solution for design organizations and developers, helping to save your time and resources, which makes it really important for marketing and operating an online business.

You can optimize your new managed cloud server for Laravel PHP anytime.

Laravel Microservices Architecture

Microservices are a style of software architecture that combines complex large-scale Laravel applications based on small building blocks that focus on one responsibility and function. Blocks communicate with each other using a language-independent set of APIs. One of the concepts that microservice architecture applies to the styles of Laravel software architecture is Dew Computing, which means the computing power of many small dewdrops (representing the functional components of microservices).

Benefits of AWS Microservice Architecture

Yes, everything that exists or even has popularity is not without reason, there is some truth to this. AWS architecture is no exception! Its advantages are as follows:

When to use AWS architecture:


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