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The digest has been collecting fresh articles on interface design, as well as tools, patterns, cases, trends and historical stories since 2009. I carefully filter a large stream of subscriptions so that you can upgrade your professional skills and better solve work tasks. Previous issues: April 2010-June 2019 .

Patterns and best practices

User Inyerface - A worst-practice UI experiment

Ingenious site showing a bunch of interface errors in practice. How not to use familiar patterns and break user habits.

Dark Patterns at Scale - Findings from a Crawl of 11K Shopping Websites

Powerful study of dark patterns in online stores. The University of Prison and Chicago studied 11 thousand sites and estimated the frequency of occurrence of problems.

Popups: 10 Problematic Trends and Alternatives

Top rated Anna Kaley from Nielsen / Norman Group helps to avoid bad decisions using popups. This is a heavy interface pattern that interrupts the user's work, so you need to do this very carefully.

Really Good Emails 2.0

The collection of good mailing list patterns has been updated. They are categorized for easy navigation.

UX Improvements For Keyboard Accessibility

Aaron Pearlman Webinar on Improving Keyboard Navigation for Disabled Users

Inspired Design Decisions: Pressing Matters

Andy Clarke continues a series of experiments with an interesting magazine layout on the web.

Trello User Onboarding - 7 Tactics To Inspire You

Parsing a new interface for meeting a new user in Trello.

Design systems and guidelines

What are data visualization style guidelines?

Amy Cesal gave an overview of examples of describing data visualization in design systems and simply guidelines.

Microsoft Fluent Design 2.0

Microsoft has updated its Fluent design system. It covers Windows, web, Android and iOS (by the way, templates for Sketch and Figma go to them). A few words from the team .

Sprout Social Design System History

Chase McCoy talks about the history of the Sprout Social design system and its current capabilities.

White-labeling - Putting the design system in users' hands

Mike Fix talks about his approach to tokens. Repository .

Eva design system

Ready-made design system on Angular, which can be customized to fit your needs. It comes with a generator of color palettes and templates for Sketch.

Getting design system customization just right

Shopify's Koen Vendrik talks about ways to thematize a design system and how they gradually incorporate these features into Polaris.

Style guide driven development in React with Theme UI

An overview of working with skins on React by Mitch Gavan.

Extending atomic design

Brad Frost reflects on where his concept of "atomic design" is developing and why he is only for any changes to it for specific tasks.

Building with Lona, 101

Devin Abbott shows how he created his site using the experimental Lona framework for design systems.

How we made SCSS friends with CSS Variables using the UI Kit Theme

Vitaly Evtekhov from Skyeng talks about the variables for color in the company's design system.

How using component-based design helps us build faster

Katie Sievert and Jon Koon from Twitter talk about the company's design system.

Supporting Dynamic Type at Airbnb

Noah Martin and Airbnb's Hugo Ahlberg talk about how the company supported dynamic fonts in iOS. They use their own font Cereal and it was more difficult than the standard solution.

User understanding

Designing for Generations - A Look at UX in Healthcare

Eliana Stein and Barbara Gulten talk about interface problems for nursing staff in hospitals. They do not always have good experience with technology, they often use a common computer.

New Interface Design Tools

Sketch 56

Improving work with a group of objects, replacing text in a symbol directly on the layout (not in the overrides panel) and minor interface improvements.

Beta version for teams : Shared workspace in the cloud (now layouts can be saved right there) with the management of the entire workgroup. $ 8.25 per month per user (viewing is free). So far, only the most basic functions (commenting and versions), but later an analog of Zeplin will appear, organization of layouts in projects, API.


Adobe xd

June and July update. Improved work with plugins, prototypes and Jira.

Artboard Studio 2.0

In the new version there was a joint work on layouts.

Plugins in Figma

Now there are several dozens in the catalog: automatic indentation within elements and organization of layouts, filling with content, prototyping and animation, and other useful utilities. Overview of the most interesting and documentation for developers .

Interview with Dylan Field , creator of Figma, about the history of the instrument, the format of the team and plans for the future.

Useful materials


Site builder based on a library of React-components, which can be changed in a visual editor. Review


Another designer of promotional sites.


New universal design tool from the creators of PaintCode. The set of features is fairly standard - we draw layouts, make an interactive prototype, enrich with animation.


React front-end animation library from the team.

Record screen

A simple service for recording video from a browser.


Beta has appeared . Video review from the authors .


Free image editor in the browser. Opens a bunch of formats - PSD, Sketch, Adobe XD, RAW and others. AMA with the creator .

Adobe fresco

An iPad illustrator app that grew out of the prototype Project Gemini . Emphasis on brushes that reproduce the behavior of real paint.

Printable mockups

Another template for sketching interfaces on paper.

User research and analytics

Which UX Research Method to Use

Elena Borodina from Gazprombank described a powerful framework for choosing user research methods. She cites three projects from recent experience and shows the logic of decision making. Full version .

The 2019 Essential UX Research Tools Map

Map of tools for preparing and conducting user research and working with their results from the User Interviews service.

How the PURE Method Builds on 100 Years of Human Factors Research

Jeff Sauro describes the history of the method for evaluating PURE interfaces from the scientific organization of labor to GOMS and more modern approaches.

How about others? Usability Research Report Benchmarking

Analysis of the next regular experiment by Rolf Molich comparing the methods of different UX-specialists. 16 teams conducted a usability testing session on the Ryanair website and wrote a report with an overview of the problems on its outcome. The article parses the general and differences in them. The original .

Simultaneous Triangulation: Mixing User Research & Data Science Methods

Spotify's Colette Kolenda and Kristie Savage show how the company combines custom research methods and analytics to answer complex questions.

Formative vs. Summative evaluations

Alita Joyce of the Nielsen / Norman Group explains the difference between formative and summative user studies. The article provides good examples of research questions and their correlation with these categories.

Visual programming and design in the browser

Learn SwiftUI for iOS 13

SwiftUI course for designers by Meng To.

New scripts

Design Management and DesignOps

Grow as a Design Manager Collection

Explained a selection of tips for design managers from the Playbook community. Experienced people in the industry answer frequently asked questions about team management and process building.

DesignOps 101

Kate Kaplan describes the DesignOps framework from Nielsen / Norman Group. The sensibly grouped focus points of the design manager and team in three areas are the organization of the team itself, work efficiency and exhaust for the product.

The Growing Demand For UX Managers

Jared Spool rightly observes the growing need for design managers. Companies are hiring more and more designers, so you need to correctly integrate them into the work on the product and help them to be heard and effective, to teach product managers to properly interact with them. More and more companies from the classical business, such as banks and telecoms, create design teams inside, although such tasks were outsourced before.

Running remote one-on-ones - best practices and templates

Egor Korobeinikov from Miro gives advice on holding 1-on-1 meetings in distributed teams. He offers his template in Miro to capture discussion topics and results.

Dream team: how we relieve tension and bring people together

DocDoc’s Ivan Solovyov describes methods for synchronizing teams at different levels — regular meetings in different formats.

Prioritizing Design Critique, Part 1

Rockwell Automation's Jonathan Walter for regular product design criticism sessions.

Team interaction

Remote UX Work - The NN / g Case Study

Kate Moran from the Nielsen / Norman Group gives tips on organizing the remote work of the UX team. The company all the years of its existence worked without an office.

Dot Voting - A Simple Decision-Making and Prioritizing Technique in UX

Sarah Gibbons of the Nielsen / Norman Group describes a method for selecting ideas from a variety by voting with dots.

Remote Ideation: Synchronous vs. Asynchronous

Aurora Harley and Kate Moran of the Nielsen / Norman Group describe a synchronous and asynchronous approach to generating ideas with a remote team.

Methodologies, Procedures, Standards public library

A structured library of sensible design thinking references from


How Uber designed its Lite app for the rest of the world

The story of creating a simplified version of the Uber application for countries with slow Internet and weak phones. They refused the card and rebuilt the work of the product, which, it would seem, cannot be without it. Translation

The Inside Story of Twitter's New Redesign

The story about the redesign of Twitter, which began a couple of years ago.

Why visualizations in Health don't work

Lena Dorogenskaya talks about the design of the dashboard of the Vizydrop health tracking service. How they abandoned useless numbers in favor of tracking key trends.


20 year timelapse of (1999-2019)

Change Amazon interface in 20 years.

29 Years of Adobe Photoshop Design History

Overview of the interface of all versions of Adobe Photoshop.


Market statistics


world computer sales growth - 1.5%


the growth in the supply of smart watches in the world - 48%


Yandex smart speaker market share
(Central and Eastern Europe) - 14%

Voice Interfaces

Amazon Echo Show 5 review

Amazon Echo Show 5 interface overview.

Designing A New UX Concept to Reduce Driver Distraction

The concept of managing multimedia and navigation functions of the car from Renault designers. These are two touch pads under the thumbs instead of physical buttons.

Yandex.Auto Design Process

Vasily Sergeyev described in detail the process of designing, designing and testing the Yandex.Auto car interface, which is used in a number of models in the market and car sharing.

Car interfaces

Our foldable future is running a little late, and that's OK

The first commercial flexible phones gave a false start. Samsung has postponed the launch of the Galaxy Fold ( although reviews praise usage scenarios, a lot of technical problems ), other manufacturers are in no hurry either.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

For general and professional development

The one critical skill most designers overlook

Atlassian's Alastair Simpson advises designers to learn from retailers to present their solutions. It describes the key steps to good design protection.

People and companies in the industry

What I Learned Co-Founding Dribbble

The story of the creation of Dribbble in 20 tips from its co-founder Dan Cederholm.

Company Shopping

Conference proceedings

DesignOps Global Conference 2019

The conference was held from May 30 to June 1 in Manchester. This is the seventh conference on the design management of digital products (more precisely, the sixth - LXConference has closed). The organizers published a video of the performances .

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