The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 309 (July 29 - August 4)

In our new digest, analytics in the studio, another disappointment on Google Play, data structures and exposing magic, a fraud report and (finally!) DOOM II for iOS and Android.

If you are a lone developer, then uploading your free applications to Google Play now makes no sense - sooner or later you will find some kind of violation and be banned.In the first I will tell you how the product analytics department is organized, who its employees are, what they do and why everything is just that and not otherwise.

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(+43) From a warehouse in Dagestan - to programmers: how I became an iOS developer from scratch
(+21) What to expect if you want to become an iOS developer
(+17) Data structures with examples in Swift. Part one: linked list
(+14) AppCode 2019.2: Swift 5.1, analysis of code coverage by tests, display of disassembled code and more
(+8) Introducing SwiftUI: Creating a simple application using TableView
Apple is growing wearable devices and services
Natural Language Processing in Swift
UICollectionView with auto-sized cells
You pay the wrong system when you buy something on iOS
Connect iOS app to AWS IoT
Add a Sign in with Apple button to the application.
MVC without C: what has SwiftUI changed in the application architecture?
SwiftUI: things are changing
GyroImageView: scrolling images with a gyroscope


(+31) Display text in Android
(+21) Expose the magic of DiffUtil
(+18) Switching the language in the Android application
(+10) ViewPager 2 - new functionality in the old wrapper
(+7) Themes and styles in Android applications
(+2) Java vs Kotlin for Android: developer opinions
Google will make its Arcade with applications and half the price
Android App Store: 5 alternatives to the Google Play Store
Android MVVM - what to do and what not to do
Image display in Android application: supported, testable, painless
How Pandao Speeds Up Android Application Updates
Namespacing in Kotlin
12 best ways to reduce the size of an Android application during the development life cycle
Kotlin Dagger: Bugs and Optimizations
Bug Hunting - The Real App Bundle Debug History
Animated FAB with advanced options
Best Solutions With New Google Play Console Data
Finch: shows OkHttp traffic


(+41) Timlid, or There and back
(+27) How to diagnose SDK integration problems. The experience of the Yandex Mobile Ads SDK development team
(+19) How to recognize pictures and texts on the phone using ML Kit
(+8) Game AirAttack! - our first VR development experience
(+7) Development of a game interface for various proportions of screens
(+7) Designer's contribution to the development of mobile applications
(+6) Work with navigation when refactoring legacy project in React Native
Assets for 2D games in the Humble Bundle
AppsCast # 11: Chaos engineering
Podlodka # 122: Python
Design and use of CI and CD
Lottiefiles: animation store
Game development at a speed of 0.1 games per hour
Technical debt and how to repay it
Unified OpenXR Augmented Reality Standard Introduced
Teamlead Roadmap: skill map and team development model
Magic Leap released the first game as part of the Independent Creator Program
Flutter Dev Podcast # 6: Asynchronous - client for Apple Music
WeChat is watching you
How we changed the testing phase in application development
The Tale of a Brilliant Programmer
30 things I would like to know at the beginning of a programming lesson
Can I learn programming on the phone?
Museum Activity Promotion - UX Research
gRPC and how it can save development time
Ways to Design Account Switchers and Application Switchers
Developers more than monkeys
Build your Google Firebase + Heroku on Kubernetes for $ 30 with Space Cloud
Unity 2019.2 released
Ionic is not the only framework to steer everyone
Rozental As A Service: search for typos in the source

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+18) American smartphone farmers in 2019 experienced a significant decline in revenue due to new mechanisms to combat them
(+9) Approaches to segmentation of mobile players
(+9) Mobile usability in e-Commerce: analysis of the TOP-20 online stores in Russia
(+3) Statistics in the service of a business. Multiple Experiment Calculation Methodology
DOOM and DOOM II released on iOS and Android
The world's most downloaded Chinese applications
Muzmatch: dating for Muslims
Google launched app advertising on Discover
Lightricks became a unicorn
Report on fraud in mobile networks for 2019
Experience promoting the game on PornHub: CPC $ 0.018 and 0 installs
Personalization: 3 strategies that guarantee the success of your application
Top countries by downloads in the 2nd quarter of 2019
Your game can get better: How to find problems and growth points
Launching your indie app
Improve your app store assets and work with them with these tools

AI, Devices, IoT

(+35) Runet news visualization
(+22) How we implemented ML in an application with almost 50 million users. Sberbank Experience
(+5) Kettle and voice assistants. The beginning of a great friendship
(+5) Identification of IoT devices from the point of view of the developer
ByteDance makes its own smartphone
Own waiting board on the Raspberry Pi

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