The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week No. 374 (July 29 - August 4, 2019)

We bring to your attention a selection with links to new materials from the frontend area and around it.

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podcast CSSSR Podcast : News 512 - Next.js, Guardian Design System, Teamlead Bootcamp, New in Slack and Githu Integration
podcast React Five Minute Podcast : TechTrain, Richard Stallman and Free Software
podcast Podcast “devschacht” # 88: On the edge of the earth. How previous experience helps in the work.
podcast Podcast “Frontend Youth (18+)” # 101 How to buy a village on the way for a beer
podcast UnderJS Podcast : # 1 - Pilot - Real Underground
video "Repozitorro" # 23 : Pss guy, a little Vue.js do not want?
video "Pro Conf" # 24 PerfMatters: Web Performance Conference 2019
videoen "#PerfMatters Conference 2019"

Web development

Quick start with WebComponents
habr SVG in real life. Yandex Report
habr Component Based Development Guide
en Frontend Design, React and the Bridge Over the Great Section
en Oops, it seems we became full stack developers
en Frontend in South Korea . A topic on reddit where local front-ends share their pain
en Create a realistic glass effect with SVG


en Explore CSS Animation Properties with a Magic Kitten
en Using custom CSS attributes generated by JavaScript as a passing mechanism
en 7 top CSS trends for 2019
en New CSS Features in Firefox 68
en What is the specificity of @rules rules like @keyframes and @media?
en Flexbox and padding
en Best practices for organizing themes in CSS


habr Introduction to Screen Capture API - Scan QR codes in a browser
habr Asynchronous JavaScript Programming (Callback, Promise, RxJs)
habr Experience translating a large project from Flow to TypeScript
Using artificial intelligence in a browser with TensorFlow.js
Practical tips for improving JavaScript code
en Cheat sheet for moving from jQuery to vanilla JavaScript
en Writing a Simple MVC Application in Simple JavaScript
en How not to suck in javascript
en Svelte: First Impressions


habr Configure Firefox on Linux
An experiment related to DNS-over-HTTPS will be conducted in Firefox
Release of Chrome 76
Midori 9 web browser release
Microsoft announced disabling VBScript in Internet Explorer 11
en What's New in DevTools (Chrome 77)
en New CSS Features in Firefox 68

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