3CX Launches New SIP Softphones for iOS and Android with End-to-End Voice Encryption

Over the past week, wonderful events have occurred - we have released new applications for Android and iOS with "real" voice encryption, by the way, turned on by default. In addition to encryption, both applications received a number of interesting features. Let's take a closer look at them.

3CX for Android Beta with a new interface, voice encryption and reconnection

The just released 3CX application for Android Beta received a fundamentally updated user interface, end-to-end encryption of conversations (from a mobile device to the PBX) through a secure tunnel and the function of reconnecting on the fly.

The new 3CX app for Android Beta only requires 3CX V16 Update 2 with a trusted SSL certificate. The application is supported on Android 7 Nougat, Android 8 Oreo and Android 9 Pie. We tested it on the new Android 10 Q Beta, which has not yet been released. At the moment, the application is formally incompatible with it.

You can download the application using the 3CX Beta testing program from Google Play.

3CX for iOS with IPv6 support, encryption and corporate chat

After testing the beta version, we released the updated 3CX app for iOS. A full-featured corporate chat has appeared in it, not inferior in capabilities to chat in the 3CX web client. Also, the application adds support for IPv6 protocol and end-to-end TLS-encryption of voice in the tunnel.

New network features:

New chat features:

Like the 3CX app for Android 3CX, the 3CX app for iOS will only work with the latest version 3CX v16 with a trusted SSL certificate.

3CX for iOS is already available on the Apple App Store . Full changelog in this version.

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