Java meetup at Raiffeisenbank

The Raiffeisenbank Java community invites you to an open meeting, which will be held at the Moscow office in Nagatino, on August 8 .

We know how important it is to communicate with people from other teams and projects, to be able to ask for advice, discuss technologies that have just appeared and share experience. That is why we open the door and invite you to visit us.


Spekhov Alexander, Raiffeisenbank

Using Camel in Microservices

The report will be devoted to one of the EIP implementations (a few words about EIP, respectively), what are the main features, the difference between the xml configuration and java code, and examples of how more than 40 processing services work on it and how (a little about osgi and ServiceMix)

Artemyev Vyacheslav, Sport24

Kotlin Coroutines in Practice: writing an asynchronous RabbitMQ client

Asynchronous programming is a new reality.

Regardless of whether we create with server-side, desktop or mobile applications, it is very important to create scalable applications.

There are many approaches to solving this problem, and Kotlin provides a very flexible approach thanks to coroutines at the language level and delegating most of the functionality to libraries, which largely follows the philosophy of Kotlin.

I am going to introduce the concepts of coroutine in Kotlin and we will apply the acquired knowledge to write the RabbitMQ asynchronous client.

As a result, we look at the performance tests of the library, which turned out to be faster than the Reactor Rabbit by Spring * library

* - on cases sending up to 1000 messages at a time

The event starts at 19:00, the doors for guests open at 18:30.

Participation in the event is free, but by prior registration .


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