Telegram blocking, Hetzner subnet / 16, experience with ILV

I work in a fairly large consulting company with representative offices around the world. Head office in Germany ... It so happened that, having left Russia about 20 years ago, until now I only read and empathized about ILV and blocking.

The information below, as I understand it, is not news, but I wanted to share with the community relevant information, communication experience (response time) and the template response itself, part of which “delivered” and completely spoiled the mood, the scale of the problem, etc.

Among other things, we rent several servers from a major German provider Hetzner. Recently received from him a tiny subnet / 29 (8 IP addresses) in block . The day after the start of use, calls began to arrive from Russia that our offices in St. Petersburg and MSC had no connection with this network. The ILV lock was quickly discovered:

Articles and court decisions on which a block is made
Blocking under Article 15.3 of the Tagansky District Court of Moscow, 2-1779 / 2018 of 04/13/2018
Blocking under Article 15.4 of the Prosecutor General, 27-31-2018 / ID2971-18 of 04.16.2018

Checking in haste the registry for the neighbors, I thought it was blocked / 24. As a result, 07/03/19 I wrote to the ILV a request to release the lock.

The answer came on 08/05/19 (i.e. after only more than a month). Although, probably, I should thank that in general answered? Here is the full text of the answer:

ILV response

We inform you that by the Decision of the Tagansky District Court of Moscow dated April 13, 2018 in case No. 2-1779 / 2018, Roskomnadzor and other persons are obligated to stop creating technical conditions for the reception, transmission, delivery and (or) processing of electronic messages from users the Internet, distributed through information systems and (or) programs for electronic computers, the operation of which is provided by the Telegram Messenger Limited Liability Partnership.

The range of IP addresses you specified is 178.63.X.X / 29 and is included in the subnet, which is used to ensure the functioning of communication Internet services of the specified organizer of information distribution on the Internet, of which a corresponding notification was sent to the address of the hosting provider.

In order to exclude the network address from unloading, the hosting provider needs to send a message about the measures taken to stop the creation of technical conditions for the operation of the Telegram application. On the basis of such a message, Roskomnadzor checks and after confirming this fact, access to the corresponding network address and information resources located on it is renewed.

For additional information, we recommend that you contact your hosting provider and / or service provider.

It should be noted that Russian hosting providers in the vast majority of cases comply with the requirements of Russian legislation and very rarely allow their resources to be blocked.

Hotline Advisor
implementation of articles 15.1-15.3 of the Federal Law
“About information, information
technologies and information protection ”

Blocking / 16 (i.e. 65536 addresses) of the hosting provider is certainly strong. Although google shows that for them this is not the limit. At the same time, telegram works with acquaintances from Russia ... What is the meaning, probably, no one knows. The ILV answer was written at least spelling correctly and someone wrote it in modern times, his brain didn’t explode and the keyboard didn’t melt ... The thick suggestion to host in Russia left a particularly pleasant impression.

I contacted the provider, however. The answer came as follows:

Hetzner's answer
We already tried to contact RKN about the issue with the IP rang 178.63.xx, but without success.
You can order another IPv4 subnet via robot and write into the comment section that you need a subnet from a different range than 178.63.xx

I wonder what to do when everything is covered in a sheet? ..

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