# 18 Mosdroid Argon - report


We are publishing a report with # 18 Mosdroid Argon, which took place on July 19 at the Lamoda office. At the meeting, we plunged into the topic of templates, were imbued with the experience of successfully getting out of the situation with the same type of UI, and also listened to the introduction of a large number of analytics events.


Under the cut link to the photo report, videos and speaker presentations.

“Architecture for the template”, Belyalov Semyon, DataSolution

“The rapid development of the same type of UI by changing the dependencies on the screen”, Danil Perevalov, TsIAN

“How to implement analytics and not break the application”, Ilya Sosnin, Lamoda

Photo report posted on Facebook .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/462649/

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