Swimming, dancing (!) And rocking: what activities do igrodely want

It is believed that IT specialists, game developers, and indeed all office workers lead a sedentary lifestyle. This myth is high time to dispel. In offices, horizontal bars, and sometimes whole gyms, appear more and more often, employees participate in races and other sporting events. Many people even get to work with health benefits - on foot or by bicycle (not along highways, of course).

An active lifestyle is not just another trend. People finally came to understand that their health, mood, performance and appearance are in their own hands.

Almost half in motion

I am glad that in Plarium Krasnodar we have plenty of AOJ adherents. This can be judged by the number of colleagues walking on the next treadmill in the gym, or by a clogged bike parking at the office. And if you look at instagram and other social networks - people ride on wakeboards, and run marathons, and take pictures on Elbrus ... The activity of the Plarium men was also confirmed by a mini-poll conducted in the studio. He showed that if the guys had the opportunity, they would ... wow!

We wanted to find out how our studio employees are active, why they need it at all and what is missing for complete happiness. Half of the team answered the questions - 226 people. This fact alone suggests that the topic is at least not indifferent.

To begin with, we have identified the core of studio fidgets. To the question “Do you lead an active lifestyle?” Received the following answers:

Another 2% chose to enter their options:

The results are pretty good, right? Almost half of those who completed the survey are AOZhniki. And if you add those who did not say the categorical "no", then in general the vast majority.

What are the types of physical activity in the arsenal of our employees? And what would they add if an opportunity appeared (time, money, health, etc.)? Answering, the guys could choose several options. Here's what happened:

From the column “Other” we learned that the respondents are also involved in airsoft, mountain biking, enduro, speleosport, paragliding, horse riding, cleaning, repair and home improvement. And among the hoteliers: MMA (mixed martial arts), motorcycling, motocross, cycling, sex (why not activity?), Tai chi, skydiving, freediving, kitesurfing, windsurfing, rafting, rowing and hiking.

“And how long has it been with them?” You ask. We asked. 27% said they were active all their lives, 21% - from a year to 5 years, 10.5% - from 5 to 10 years, 10% - less than a year, 10% - since school, 5% - since studying at a university , 4% - more than 10 years. The remaining answers were from the category of "with varying success."

What with periodicity:

To not feel like a zombie

More than one film has been shot about the benefits of physical activity and more than one article has been written. But everyone determines this benefit for himself. 74% of the respondents who took part in the survey think so: you need to be active in order to be healthy. 57% say that switching from mental activity to physical activity helps their brain relax. 47% rely on appearance - they want to be beautiful and slim.

But the employees wrote the coolest answers themselves:

The guys not only take care of themselves, but also attract more and more colleagues to the AOA network. Our runners are regular participants in the annual Krasnodar 5000 meters race, the Sochi marathon, the Steel Character race and other events. Fans of team sports are going to play soccer, basketball and volleyball every week, and yoga and fitness trainings are held in the studio at lunchtime (the staff themselves being the trainers). And horizontal bars in the office space are not empty.

In winter, employees cooperate for joint trips to ski and snowboard, and in summer participate in sailing regattas, kayaking and other activities on the water. Fortunately, both the sea and the mountains are three to five hours away from the city.

Management is also trying to promote an active lifestyle. Hiking and studio tournaments for table tennis and kicker are constantly organized for children, there is an agreement on discounts with several fitness clubs. Achievements are also provided on the corporate portal. “Athlete” is given for participation in city, regional or federal sports events, “Coach” - for conducting sports training for employees, “Adept HLS” - for regular attendance of classes in team sports and for a certain mileage run, surfaced or run over by bicycle . The points received for these achievements, then you can spend on purchases in the portal store.

I want to? Just get started!

Of course, to be active or not is everyone's personal choice. Making someone do something is almost impossible, but you can motivate by showing a positive example of a change in appearance, mood, and performance.

What about your activity? If all is well, it is good, if not very well, too. The main thing is to make you comfortable.

And if you want to become more active, just get started! And it’s not necessary to take up sports right away. If you have never been involved before, a sharp start may not continue. Fortunately, the alternatives are full.

What would you add to the list? Write in the comments! Typing is also activity. :-)

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