DISKOBALL: HDD throwing competitions, August 23, Moscow

We had 150 discs, 300 liters of beer and 150 IT specialists, ready to put all this into action.
We are talking about DISKOBALL : the first HDD throwing competition in Russia, which will take place on August 23 in Moscow.

Competitors will compete for the main prize - electric scooter.
And everyone is waiting for table tennis, giant jenga, the destruction of HDD-drives with a sledgehammer and delicious treats all evening.

If you are a system administrator, engineer, or just a practicing IT specialist, we are waiting for you
August 23 at 15 hours at the Meteor stadium (Moscow).
Details and registration on the official website

PS: With such a summer, perhaps we need not beer, but mulled wine and rugs - but this still doesn’t hurt fun;)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/462689/

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