Joomla digest for June-July 2019

I bring to your attention a selection of links to new materials on Joomla! CMS for June-July 2019. In the digest: information about Joomla 4, news about Joomla, a selection of links to tools for developers and webmasters.

Joomla Development

Joomla 3.9.7, 3.9.8, 3.9.9 and 3.9.10 releases have been released . All releases included closing minor vulnerabilities and various fixes. Of all the releases, release 3.9.9 was especially noteworthy, which was almost immediately withdrawn, one or two times in the history of Joomla. You can read more about this story in the news for the 3.9.10 release.

Updated Russian localization of Joomla - for Joomla 3.9.10 there was no update, but the other day there will be another release of localization.

Joomla 4 Alpha 10 released The most important changes: increased technical requirements and a single and improved search engine. You can read more about changes in Russian in Joomla 4 Alpha 10 in this article .

Joomla World Conference 2019 was supposed to be held in November in London . But due to political changes in the UK, which are increasing the likelihood of a hard brexit and the uncertainty with visas, it was decided to postpone the conference.

To developers

The Joomla Guide for Developers and Experienced Users - JPath, has published some useful materials about Joomla fundamental concepts:

Free Joomla Module Overrides Collection

Joomla and e-commerce

In this section, we will talk about a component for commerce on Joomla once a month. The goal is to show a variety of solutions. Today we talk about Virtuemart.

Virtuemart is one of the oldest online store extensions for Joomla. It is distributed free of charge and has a very wide functionality out of the box.

Since the component is old and long-known, it has a good community both in official and in Russian-speaking forums.

Key Features of Virtuemart

In addition to the main component, the Virtuemart package includes a set of additional modules, such as:

In addition to the features described above, Virtuemart has a huge number of additional extensions located in its own directory and on the JED . For a small additional fee, you can greatly expand the capabilities of Virtuemart, supplementing them, for example, with an AJAX filter for goods, we set up fields or a basket with a one-page checkout and quick registration .

Customization Virtuemart

Virtuemart has good customization capabilities without Joomla hacks by redefining page layouts and additional plugins. Almost everything is redefined. Any page of the online store can be redone for your own needs without losing the possibility of updates.

Thank you for preparing a review about Virtuemart @wedal

Articles and interesting Joomla news

Joomla Modules: The Most Detailed Guide .

10 secret features of SP Page Builder .

20 reasons to use Joomla to create a website .

15 best Google fonts for your site .

Tips for creating landing pages .

Joomla security team work .

Joomla Templates

JA Kids Corner - template for kindergartens and schools.

Dentro - a template for dentists and dental clinics.

Indigo is a modern multi-purpose template for agency and business websites.

Soda is a template for animation studios and media agencies.

JD Recruiter - a template for recruitment agencies.

Manticore is a template for gaming and entertainment websites.

Agencio is a creative and modern template for agency sites.

JSN Voyage - hotel and tourism booking template.

Jollyany - 10 templates in one. There are free and paid versions.

Interesting Joomla Extensions

SP Booking , a travel booking component, has been released.

Another page designer saw the light - JD Builder .

The free e-commerce component Phoca Cart has been updated to version 3.3.0 .

EasyBlog has been updated to version 5.3.0 .

Big release 5.0 of the popular AllVideos extension.

Quantum Manager 1.2.0 - we already wrote about this file manager, but since the big release took place, we decided to write more. In addition to a bunch of improvements in this file manager, unsplash support, a context menu and many interface changes have been added. Also, the file manager has become a joint development of Norrnext and Business Design.

JoomIdentity is a paid solution, but with very unusual functionality, verifying the identity of downloaded documents.

Field JT Fileupload - A free field for downloading files.

jCookie - in connection with the continuing hysteria about the use of cookie data, when everyone wants to give your site all kinds of notifications, a simple plug-in, with the possibility of notification depending on the cookie set.

WT Insta - module for outputting photos and videos from instagram on the site. It works by API and, most importantly, the module is free.

TF Mail is a free email marketing component.

Learning system based on Joomla .

Kunena 5.1.13 Update the most popular forum for Joomla

Guru - component courses for Joomla

Snippets - a free extension of snippets, with the ability to import data export to CSV and JSON, it is very useful when you need to create a site with information that is often changed in many places, let's say price lists or catalogs.

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