Yekaterinburg, August 14 - Atlassian User Group mitap


Atlassian products at Alfa Bank are widely used not only by developers, but also by business units. Moreover, the escort center is Yekaterinburg, where meetings of the local community are regularly held. We are announcing our next meeting:

Yekaterinburg, August 14, 19:00
Coworking "Combine", st. March 8, 32A

Admission is free, but you must register in advance.

At the upcoming meeting, there will be 2 keynote addresses and an opportunity to discuss modern approaches to organizing the application development process.

Sergey Kuzmukov, Senior Programmer - SELECT * FROM JIRA

- I’ll talk about how I collected historical data from Jira, what difficulties I encountered, how I checked the correctness of the results and what the management saw as a result. And what conclusions did :)

Dmitry kruftik Gadeev, SRE - Infrastructure-as-Code in Bamboo is now like people have. Almost.

- In the latest version of Bamboo, there have been big and pleasant changes in the implementation of the Infrastructure-as-Code approach. In my report, I will try to talk about the most significant innovations and bugs found. And also about the features of preparing and using docker-images.

Informal communication
We will discuss docker replacement, the choice of container orchestration environment, and other nuances of the work of DevOps engineers.

When and where

August 14 (Wednesday), 19.00.
Yekaterinburg, street 8 March, 32A (Coworking "Combine").
Registration page .
The entrance is free.

The broadcast this time, alas, will not be.

For any questions about mitap, you can write in our chat room -


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