Kotlin / Everywhere Report - Showcase practice: July 31

Last week, users and active developers of the Kotlin language were gathered in our office. More than 150 people visited Mitap, talked about testing java applications, the Mail.ru Search team prepared a report about their experience in using channels in coroutines. The final topic was a Kotlin DSL production report. Under the cutter, we collected materials from the event for you.

“Testing Java Applications Using Kotlin”

Sergey Alyokhin, Project Manager, Topso

Kotlin helps to write tests easier, I will dwell on autotests in more detail, all examples are taken from my personal practice. We will also talk about changing source codes that affect the entire testing process.


“The experience of using channels in coroutines in a combat project”

Grigory Fedorov, Senior Android Developer, Mail.ru Group

The report talks about the channels in coroutines on the experience of our team: areas of application, correct and incorrect use. We also discuss why actors are needed, and whether to write operators for channels.


"Production Kotlin DSL"

Sergey Rybalkin, Principal Engineer in RU R&D team, Alibaba Group

In the report, we will talk about the experience of using Kotlin DSL in the production of our company. Let’s look at the techniques for creating your own Kotlin DSL using the example of [ kohttp ]. How to make a short and concise API? How to get readable and easily maintained code from a pile of builders? What problems do such projects face? The answers to these and other questions are in my report.


This fall we are preparing a lot of interesting things for you. From the upcoming events - a Q&A mitap, we gather front-end fans, specifically on working with the vue.js. Also in early October will be a traditional Go-meetup. All the most relevant information on team.mail.ru.

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