August 21 broadcast Zabbix Moscow Meetup # 5


My name is Ilya Ableev, I work in the Badoo monitoring team. On August 21, I invite you to a traditional, fifth, meeting of the community of Zabbix specialists in our office!

Let's talk about eternal pain - repositories of historical data. Many faced performance problems caused by typical reasons: low disk speed, insufficient tuning of the DBMS, internal Zabbix processes that delete old data, etc. But not always it comes down to standard solutions.

Out of the box in Zabbix there are two types of backends available: MySQL and PostgreSQL. Not so long ago we added support for noSQL storage - Elasticsearch. At the same time, there are many other solutions on the market that can well solve the problem of storing and retrieving historical data, for example, ClickHouse, TimescaleDB, Cassandra.

At the meeting, we will discuss the experience of implementing repositories other than MySQL and Postgresql, talk about their pros and cons, and share performance results.

The broadcast will be on YouTube . Under cat information about the format and experts.

The experts

Ilya Ableev, Head of Monitoring Badoo
Andrey Gushchin, Zabbix technical support engineer
Mikhail Makurov, project manager and team leader, Intersvyaz


This time we decided to return to the format of small meetings and focus on communication, rather than listening to reports. There will be small speeches by Ilya, Andrey and Mikhail, after which the guests and viewers of the broadcast will be able to participate in discussions with experts. The discussion will also be joined by:

Vitaliy Zhuravlev, architect Zabbix
Anton Fayantsev, Zabbix engineer

Live, we will gather a few guests (about 50), but everyone will be able to join the online broadcast, participate in the discussion and ask questions. It's Wednesday evening, you can watch it in the office after work, from home or on the road.

The day was chosen, incidentally, not by accident: on Friday, August 23, the first Zabbix conference will be held in Russia, a long-awaited event for the community, which we are very pleased to see.

If you want to attend the meeting in person, registration is required.

Since the number of places is very limited, you need to wait for the invitation. Please indicate in the accompanying comment on the application why you are interested in this particular topic of the mitap (for example, the number of NVPS, hosts, items, period of storage of historical data), and what problems you hope to solve by talking with experts and guests.

Collection of guests at 19:00
The meeting begins at 19:30
Badoo office address: Moscow, Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 2, entrance A, floor 5. Entrance to the entrance to the left of the Fish My Restaurant. Please bring your passport or driver's license with you for admission to the BC.

The broadcast will be on our YouTube channel and in the VK and FB groups.
Zabbix Russian Community on Telegram .

See you online and offline!


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