Performance AMD EPYC 7452 through the eyes of the Cinebench R20

Presented on the basis of Zen 2 architecture, the AMD EPYC Rome family of processors makes it possible to once again participate in the unofficial world benchmarking championship. Refereeing in this competition is often biased and subjective, but the audience likes it. There is a chance to hear the verdict of one of the respected judges - Cinebench R20. Meet: on the ASUS RS500A-E9-RS12-U 650W RPSU platform, AMD EPYC 7452 32 cores 2.35GHz / 155W CPUs demonstrate their talents in the presence of half a terabyte of RAM.

For the purity (and speed) of the experiment, we examine the processor performance using the Cinebench R20 utility without preliminary tuning. The screenshot was taken on an ASUS platform equipped with factory-installed UEFI BIOS, which hypothetically leaves a chance for some improvements in the future. There will be no comments for the screenshot, you can leave them.



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