Mitap of the Society of Anonymous Testers # 7 - report from the meeting

On August 1, the Avito’s office hosted the seventh meeting of the Society of Anonymous Testers. Speakers made presentations about home-made TMS, monitoring monitoring, approaches to assessing the quality of search and native iOS tests. This post is a report on how the mitap went. Inside - videos, speaker presentations, links to the photo report and feedback from the meeting participants.



How our TMS grew tentacles - Vadim Shashin, Avito

Vadim spoke about the tentacles of our test storage, which appeared with the introduction of cross-functional teams in our company. Before we “grew” our TMS “tentacles”, it did not fully satisfy our requirements, making life difficult for testers.


Listener reviews

  • “Excellent report, thanks to Vadim. His first experience was a success. ”
  • "Informative. We do the same for ourselves. ”

Monitoring system monitoring - Mikhail Efremov and Anna Manakova

Michael and Anna talked about Splunk - a software product (from the field of online analytics of large volumes of data) for monitoring the monitoring system. The product, on the one hand, contains a proprietary closed core, and on the other hand, it is a platform for open development (both internal extensions and integration with the outside world using a comprehensive API). The report contains the cases of a thin self-health check and how such features help make business monitoring great again.


Listener reviews

  • "Very cool. Good questions were asked, and two mitapers are better than one. ”
  • "Excellent report, it is clear that people are directly passionate."

About the quality of search for an online store - Dinar Khamadiyarov, OZON

Dinar's report on how to ensure relevance of search results, which is an extremely important criterion for the quality of an online store search. Dinar told how to find out if the search quality has become better in the new release of the search engine, who are assessors and shared approaches to assessing the quality of the search for an online store.


Listener reviews

  • “Everything is detailed and structured.”
  • "Informative, thanks."

IOS native tests. “Easy” start with EarlGrey - Andrey Stolbukhin, Alfa Bank

On the example of the GiTiny application, Andrey told how their team implemented native iOS tests, what rake they managed to collect during the pilot project, and how they were solved.


Listener reviews

  • "A dynamic report with a visual display of the result (video)."
  • “Thank you for introducing an interesting tool.”

Links and photo reports

A playlist with all the videos from the event can be found on our YouTube channel .

We posted photos on Facebook and VK . See how it was and celebrate yourself and friends if you were at the meeting.

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