Sales Evolution at Company N

A simple small company N. in the city of P. was engaged in sales of building materials. After ten years of successful work in the local market, N. decided to create an online store (stage I) and enter the market of our beloved country. Fortunately, there were small units / warehouses in St. Petersburg. and Moscow time. At that moment, this was the first evolutionary stage for N.'s company, which was to lead to an increase in sales by at least hundreds of times.

Several Russian-speaking domains were purchased for each major city, mainly in the North-West, where the main office of the company was located and separate SIP numbers for each city / domain.

Before the site was launched, the head of the company N. decided to install the SIP PBX (stage II) and transfer all the managers (of whom there were 3) to digital phones. PBXs chose MyPbx Soho on Asterisk and shoveled the Asterisk config and set up recording of conversations and notifications on the phone screens of managers (the city and if there is a phone in 1c database, then the company name). The site was written without ready-made engines in PHP 5, as a MySql database. An inexpensive server was purchased, a favorite Ubuntu server was installed, and all this was installed from the Internet provider in the server room.

Back in September 2016 (I look at the file creation dates) after the site was launched, it became clear that without advertising on the Internet, the expected effect would not be (stage III). Which was done. Sales growth after the creation of the site and Internet advertising was around 16.44%. About 200 thousand rubles a month went to Internet advertising, of which mainly 160 thousand rubles. on Yandex.Direct. But sales growth, although not as expected, was achieved.

Here is a summary of the payment of Direct from accounting:
January 1623387
February 1649814
March 1688514
April 16121346
May 16134833
June 16135399
July 16134232
August 16150676
September 16150822
October 16143275
November 16140446
December 16100875
January 17100180
February 17117844
March 17155650
April 17181269
May 17179971
June 17159627
July 17141196
August 17218231
September 17203305
October 17181911
November 17186871
December 17136542
January 18146286
February 18166934
March 18170196
April 18166688
May 18187421
June 18188997
July 18186778
August 18174585
September 18181819
October 18206102
November 18220393
December 18140030
January 19135292
February 19158786
March 19173597
April 19183067
May 1984421
June 1979803

It is worth noting the understanding and competent management of Internet campaigns. Thousands of requests were analyzed, all the “minuses” in Internet campaigns were indicated. There was and is emphasis on low-frequency queries.

All 2017 were engaged in the description, photo of the product and the completion of the site.

In 2018, the next IV stage of evolution came: acceleration and ease of work in the program by sales management by managers and sellers. All this until 2017 was spinning under the file-terminal 1C 7.7.

At N., all software is licensed!

An increase in the number of 1C users in different cities was expected, and a decision was made to switch to MSSQL and rewrite existing problem areas for direct queries with the 1cpp component. 1C 8 was not considered since The configuration has been greatly changed for integration with the site. Some users from other cities are still sitting under the terminal, since unused licenses have formed. The whole year I was busy with cardinal correspondence of the 1C configuration for my needs.

This is what our sales management system looks like now:

The 2018 turnover was stagnating, it was not clear why sales were not growing. After analyzing the “flights”, it turned out that there was a problem with the company’s employees and that it was necessary to increase the productivity of each employee (N. did not accept the KPI system. Only DreamTeam / Game by the Whole Team!). In October 2018, weekly educational planning meetings were introduced on Fridays (stage V). What made the year end in a positive (albeit small) growth in sales. We began to discuss sales funnels, learn to love the client and SELL!
In November 2018, a rating system for advertising Internet companies was introduced on the website (our small big-date on MySql with a record of all user actions).

Which helped reduce advertising campaign costs since May 2019 without reducing the conversion from the site.

And here is the year 2019. There was a need to discuss / communicate between company employees and customers on the site (the Jivosite used did not give the functionality we needed). After studying the software market, our own Team messenger was created (we didn’t find what we needed, we needed to place the database on our server) based on the ICQ interface (for the mobile client - Cordova, for the desktop - Electron, on the JS website, PHP + MySql server) . They screwed the chat of the Ava company bot to Tim. Every day she makes reminders to managers about forgotten accounts, informs about reminders and much more. Here are some of the commands for Ava.

Now there is a connection of our carriers to Tim, to control the delivery of goods.
After analyzing the sales funnel (!), We realized that we have a bottleneck in the processing of incoming letters and 30% of only paid bills. The next step (VI) was to create the Termit letter collector so that all managers could see all incoming requests and the algorithm for distributing incoming letters began to work.

But there is NO jump in profit growth yet!

Number of employees:

6 managers
6 sellers / warehouse workers
2 accountants
2 manufacturers
1 leader
1 programmer (s)
1 marketer

Stages of the evolution of the company N .:

I. Site
II. Automatic telephone exchange
III. Internet Marketing
IV. Sales management program
V. Weekly meetings
VI. Messenger Team
Viii. Termit Mail Fetcher
IX. Training and professional growth

PS Being a programmer for more than 25 years (at 40) is already the essence of being!

PS Rand it turned out that at 36 he began working in a building materials sales company (boring for himself at that time), but thanks to the constant search for development points, I am very glad that I work in this company


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