Do not throw away old acoustics New life of old acoustics

Recently, videos and posts with similar names have gained a lot of views and have a very large response. I thought it would be nice for me to do something like this all the more so there is work to do and something to show.

There is such a computer speaker system U4-E198. Everything works and you can use it anyway, but the look itself is already very frayed and is no good.

The corners are broken, the coating is damaged, the speaker protection is full of holes. The solution is to try to restore the look.

I disassemble, carefully remove all the speakers and electronics so as not to damage anything.

One of the most important objects will be the grids that have suffered the most.

I decided to restore the racks in a rather simple way, and replaced the missing two with small pieces of a regular pencil.

To restore protective nets, you need fabric, a sock is perhaps the best option.

After we proceed to the restoration of the coating of the columns themselves. I coat with a primer, 3 coats of paint and 3 coats of varnish. The result exceeded all expectations.

The end result is pleasing to the eye. For those who have not experienced the full depth of this post there is a video:


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