Even if you want to be a game designer, no one will teach you how

Hello to you, reader! Today I want to dispel several incorrect beliefs regarding game design, namely:


Everyone can be a game designer

Yes and no.

A game designer must have a technical background, a mathematical mindset, an understanding of design, an interface, be able to look at the game through the eyes of the user, and a million more small things that add up to understanding what all the same should be able to have and have a DG.

The most important thing for a game designer is patience, a desire to develop and curiosity.

Without this, you will not climb the career ladder, do not release a single game, and if you can still release it, they will be gray and uninteresting.


Curiosity is the desire to understand the essence of things, why it works this way and not otherwise. The desire to learn, the desire to try.

Development - the data you need to be able to use, curiosity without development, a waste of time and effort, consolidate the knowledge gained.

Patience is the cornerstone, without it you can’t achieve any of this, I know a lot of game designers who are simply patient and achieve much greater success than their talented but impatient colleagues who are always flying forward.

Although it may seem to someone that enough curiosity, but it is not.

The courses can teach you how to be a game designer


The courses will show you the best practices (if the courses are good) that your teachers or your teacher’s records use. In other words, they will give you a system that (possibly) works well. You will become better from this, maybe? Do you learn to use hand-held tools?


And if you haven’t released or tried to make a mod / simple game or at least compose a dzdok, the teachers / mentors will simply bother you and you will lose your individuality and you will grow up just a performer who is needed in the market, but who won’t be able to come up with something then his due to lack of knowledge. An ideal employee, and most importantly without big ambitions.

The amount of required knowledge is too large.

If you have experience and understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, then determine what you want to improve and go to courses, in which case it will be beneficial.

For example, you are good at creating creativity, but you don’t have enough math, go ahead and study mat models and courses on balance.

The main sequence and development of strengths, the rest will follow them.

Game designer is a fun job

Yes, if you know how to work, that is, after 5 years or before the first difficult task.

As soon as the young State Duma receives more or less serious tasks, its brains begin to melt, the amount of information that must be kept in mind is growing rapidly and ... it explodes. Depression, rejection, hatred for your work and colleagues, welcome to hell.

It requires discipline, self-organization and the ability to take the blows of fate in the face.
You will make a lot of mistakes, constantly need knowledge and feedback. At the same time, you will need to explain the tasks to the team, understand its capabilities and budget constraints.
Not to mention the initial drafting and TK for the team.

Oh yes, in order to draw up TK and documentation, you need to understand the possibility of implementing certain features.

It is fun if you know how to do it.

Game Design is the easiest way to get into the industry.

I think based on the above, this is far from the case. A large amount of experience and desire, a good technical and analytical background are needed. You need to decide on the direction in which you are developing, either it is creative or mathematics.

Mathematics - mathematical models, balance, economics, metrics and analytics.

Creative - game mechanics, design of the world and location (description, creation of the universe), narrative, storytelling, visual style and interface.
The conclusion was higher, all a good weekend.
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