The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 310 developer (on August 5 - 11)

The next issue talks about the hassle of functional programming, the solid Swift for reputable programmers, the Android development roadmap, the stability of a trendy application, the confusion of switches, and much more.

It is useful to be able to program in a functional style in order to simplify our work, and now we will see how to use it!We ourselves cannot believe it, but we have recorded a hundred issues, and this is an excellent occasion to note among old friends.

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(+7) The power of generics in Swift. Part 1
(+36) Petition to Apple
Apple expanded its vulnerability search program and increased the premium to $ 1 million.
FAS filed a lawsuit against Apple at the request of Kaspersky Lab + Apple's response
In iOS 13 will limit the background work of VoIP
Unit testing of asynchronous code in Swift
Combine vs RxSwift: is it worth switching to Combine?
Hacks that make working with Xcode easier
We create a number recognition application for iOS
Big View Controllers or a bad programming style?
How to make Siri Shortcuts
Creating FAB on SwiftUI


(+27) Video reports from Summer Droid Meetup
(+26) Kotlin / Everywhere Report - Showcase practice: July 31
(+12) Roadmap of Android developer in 2019
(+11) Android Environments
(+8) Hunt the Wumpus or experience writing a classic Android game
• The latest beta of Android Q
Android Developer Opinion: Flutter looks good, but it hurts to work with it
Ready-made application template on Flutter
Adopting Arm memory marking extension in Android
Simple Android Preferences with Bulldog
Drawing Android Canvas: Useful Classes and Operations
React Native: from installing expo to the Google Play Store
Unit testing in Android with JUnit5
Shark: smart heap analysis reports for Kotlin
Clean architecture for Android
Making the gallows game for Android
MVI: good, bad, evil
Google Play and automatic deployment with AAB
Migration Guide for Dagger 2.24
Sign In with Apple Button for Android: Apple Authorization for Android
MyS3Chat: open source chat for Android
Quirk: an open application for CBT
Bourbon Engine: UI from JSON


(+34) Limitations of 8-bit games and their exact recreation in Unity
(+26) Auto-layout and styles in Unity: our new pipeline and tools for UI
(+16) How we maintain the stability of the Lamoda application
(+16) Unity interactive map shaders
(+11) Flutter in examples. Deep Links in Flutter Applications
(+6) Digital transformation of training and certification of field employees
(+6) Secrets, tips, prohibitions: how to create a cool action for Google Assistant
Huawei introduced Harmony OS
Podlodka # 123: Voice Assistants
Rely on data? If you want to be creative, then don’t!
Why Toggle Buttons are confusing
Apple's New York serif font: what does it mean for web design
Top 5 Tips for Starting Indie Game Development
Pill Trakk: Medication Reminder - UX Study
The difference between Junior, Mid-Level and Senior developer - UX Research
12 things for successful user testing
Best Application Performance Tracking Tools
I wrote a script to send messages to parents on WhatsApp for 20 lines of Python code
The magic of metaprogramming

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+10) How Chris Zhukovsky studied customer support of his games at the airport
Slow and expensive process to scale user acquisition
IKEA Launches Environmental Habit App
Journey released on iOS
Facebook sued developers for fraud
FairBid - Fyber's new mediation platform
Babylon Health: $ 2 billion medical chatbots
VKontakte launches its dating Lovina
Started work on Monument Valley 3
Case of Small and Capital Letters
Increase the number of users from 100 thousand to 2 million in seven years: Duolingo language service growth techniques
Screenshot size guide for the App Store and Google Play 2019
How we tripled organic plants in 30 days with ASO
7 steps to understand user behavior: deep dive
Benefits of Push Notifications

AI, Devices, IoT

(+43) ShIoTiny: small automation, the Internet of things, or “six months before the holidays”
(+23) Neural networks and deep learning, chapter 5: why are deep neural networks so hard to train?
One in ten Russians spent more than 20,000 rubles on smart home technology
Qualcomm and Tencent create gaming smartphones
Couscous or not couscous - solved using CoreML

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