August 22 - Alfa JS MeetUP SPb


We are sometimes asked why we hold our meetings for the most part in Moscow, but not in St. Petersburg, for example. We are correcting, in 10 days there will be Alfa JS MeetUP SPb, which will be held in St. Petersburg.

Briefly about the main thing:

Under the cut - topics of reports of our speakers.

Anna Volkova - Planet on WebGL

A small educational program on computer graphics in general, about how to create a simple 3D-render without using libraries and frameworks. In general, for those who are tired of molds and buttons.

Dmitriy samoxbal Samokhvalov - Docker for Node.js, or your own dev-engineer
Dmitry has experience working both as a front-end developer and as a devops engineer, which he will gladly share.
Containerized microservices have taken over the world. Already any developer tried in containers or sits tightly on them. But how to cook them? What rake awaits a daredevil who wants to deploy his service in a container?
Alexander Korobka - How We Started Testing the Front End with Cypress
End-to-end testing of UI with Cypress and not only

Thursday 22 august
St. Petersburg, st. Leo Tolstoy, d. 1-3 (Coworking "Yasnaya Polyana")
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