Game Dev Sim: board game about game development

Recently, a Russian board game has appeared, which clearly and cheerfully gives an idea of ​​how difficult the work of the creator of video games is! A bit like the famous Startup game, but much more in content and gameplay capabilities. And of course, a specific setting about game development. Under the cut, I collected detailed information for those who are interested in the topic.

Purpose of the game and gameplay

Lead your own game studio and create a cool game. Whether it is a masterpiece for a computer, console or mobile platform, the player decides. In the process, you will have to look for solutions for more than 60 cases based on real events, developed by professionals in the gaming industry, who have devoted themselves to developing games for many years and were able to recreate that indescribable atmosphere of chaos, fun, horror and extraordinary managerial decisions that are so inherent in game creators.

The player’s tasks include: project management, office rental, staff recruitment and motivation, marketing, game design, working with code and art, participating in exhibitions, interacting with an investor and much more. Each decision affects the gameplay and can lead the player to beyond success or complete failure.

Game Dev Sim is:

Who are the authors of the game

Golubkin Sergey - the owner of the board games publishing house GEMENOT, has released more than 30 desktops, an ex-producer of computer and mobile games in Ubisoft and Nival.
Vyacheslav Utochkin is the director of educational programs for the gaming industry at the Higher School of Business Informatics of the Higher School of Economics, worked as a producer at the Mail.Ru Group on Armored Warfare, Perfect World and several other games.

Educational effect

Game Dev Sim was conceived and used as a game practice for training on the educational program “Game Project Management” at the Higher School of Business Informatics of the Higher School of Economics. The desktop format of the game is good in that there is the possibility of easy live communication between the players, you can get an instant response to any question that arises. This is very important and helps the educational process. at the same time, the dashboard was also fun and you can just play for fun. The rules are quite simple, so anyone who is not even connected with the gaming industry can quickly figure them out and play. And here is a short video about the game:

The game is now available exclusively in the Unicorn board game stores.

I hope the game will appeal to those who play it. Welkam to ask any questions in the comments, I will answer with pleasure.


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