The digest of fresh materials from the world of the front-end for the last week No. 375 (August 5 - 11, 2019)

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podcast Web Standards Podcast , 188. Address Book, Hermes, PageSpeed, DevTools, ndb, Puppeteer, PiterJS
podcast CSSSR Podcast: News 512 - 25 years of PHP, Github Actions, design, CSS and Instagram optimization
podcast Devschacht Podcast # 90 : Live with SkyEng about Remote Work
podcast Podcast "devschacht" # 89 : Roman Prudnikov about working in 2GIS and Yandex Music.
podcast Podcast Frontend Youth (18+) # 103 : Little Black Hole - A Stallman Shelter
video Repozitorro # 24 : Junior Portfolio from a Different Angle ...
podcasten Podcast Web Standards , No. 187. HTML semantics, Web Components, W3C and WHATWG, HTML5 Doctor, Prince XML, Web Monetization
videoen Now Live: Your SmashingConf Toronto Playlist

Web development

Fantastic web specifications and where they live
en A simple introduction to Web Workers in JavaScript
en Create interactive, optimized emails using Google’s AMP Framework
en Why is modern web development so complicated? A Long But Hasty Explanation: Part 1
en Which is better: PWA loyalty program or mobile app?
en Contact Picker API , details of the new API on the Google Developers Blog
en Mavo shine when creating interactive web applications


Custom CSS attributes as a mechanism for transferring data from JavaScript to CSS
en Writing Modes and CSS Layout
en Learning CSS by reading specifications
en Handling Unused CSS in SASS for Better Performance
en CSS: empty Selector
en Weekly news of the platform: CSS font-style: oblique, webhin browser extension, CSS Modules V1
en Design Principles for Developers: CSS Processes and Tips for Better Web Design
en Move text along a curved path
en 5 cool CSS grid generators for your layouts
en Subpixel rendering and borders


habr As I did not take first place in the competition for JavaScript developers from Telegram
A modern JavaScript tutorial . A big update of a popular resource from Ilya Kantor
en How to implement drag & drop for HTML elements and files using Javascript
en Creating My First Svelte Application: Thoughts and Impressions
envideo Client-side JS Redirects: can Googlebot detect them?


Found a method to determine incognito browsing in Chrome 76
Chrome 78 Canary tests forced dark mode for all sites
Added strict page isolation mode to Firefox nightly builds
en Safari Technology Preview 89 Release Notes


Attack on front-end backend systems, allowing you to wedge in third-party requests
Google highlighted podcasts in search results
Huawei officially introduced the HarmonyOS distributed operating system
A new vulnerability has been identified in processors that circumvents protection against Specter and Meltdown
Microsoft contractors are listening to some Skype user conversations
• To invent a popular game, but not to make money on it: the story of Tetris and its inventor

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