Dice or Bones

* The article continues the previously written: "Python and cubes . "

Continuation of the "banquet"

Taking as an idea for a game a regular dice game with two dice (known, according to information from Wikipedia, since the 16th century), I was amazed at how much this essentially simple game can be gambling. Starting with a certain amount and making bets, you can either increase the initial capital, or completely “squanch” it.

The Martingale strategy initially gives the illusion of a guaranteed win, but then leads to an inevitable collapse. In general, the study of probabilities is a fun thing.


But let us look at the Game from the other side - it does not tolerate “learning”. It is playing, you can test your intuition (sixth sense) and the ability to create strategies. Somewhere to put a little, so as not to suffer heavy losses, somewhere to make a high bet and win, somewhere to risk and to win back a series of high bets.

For obvious reasons, which I think is not necessary to explain: the game is not a way to make money. But for 5-10 minutes to distract from business and try to catch luck “by the tail” - isn't that exciting ?! Moreover, it hurts without hitting your wallet. The rest of the time, “bones” can quite easily “hang out” on the taskbar, completely without interfering and without distracting anything.

Software implementation

In a previous article, I already provided the program code for the game. In the updated version, I decided to add service features: the key “l” (email) - view the log of bets and the results of throws (win / lose).


These statistics will help you to orient when the “black” streak ends and the “white” starts. After the money in the virtual "pocket" is lost and you apply for a new amount: "c" (s) - the statistics are reset. But, according to my observations, this happens if you lose concentration and begin to recklessly put large amounts in a row.


Well, if I am a regular user, and I have no desire to fool my head with this your code? - Well, a reasonable remark. In principle, you can make an executable program module and not delve into all sorts of subtleties, and focus on the game.


Launch and ... nothing else separates you from Her Majesty Probabilities!

You can get the executable code here .

If the game is interesting - good luck! Playing with probabilities is a fascinating thing.


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